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Actress Uche Ogbodo Leaves Fans Gushing Over Adorable Photo Of Her Daughter (SEE PHOTO)



Actress Uche Ogbodo Leaves Fans Gushing Over Adorable Photo Of Her Daughter

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, has sparked mixed reactions online after sharing an adorable photo of her daughter.

Press Informant reports that often times some parents argue over the striking resemblance of their child and this is no different for Uche.


The actress on Saturday morning shared a photo of her daughter and questioned her fans and followers about her resemblance.

She wrote: “Goddess & her Bunny. I have 3 Questions pls answer the ones you can.


Actress Uche Ogbodo Leaves Fans Gushing Over Adorable Photo Of Her Daughter 1

 “Is it true my Bunny Looks like me or her dad?

“Is it true Bunny’s nose is flat like mine?

“Is it True my Bunny is more Beautiful than me? Pls be Fair & Honest”


As expected many of her fans took to the comment section gushing over the actress’ beautiful baby with lovely compliments.

Some fans also claimed that Uche’s daughter looks so much like her father and also shares some similarities with her.

whiteangel6279 wrote: “Her dad .. Of course, you know No too yes she got your nose 3 lol Dnt try to compare na you know the answer already. But always pray she be the best of your version in all. God Bless”

magret__officialbaby wrote: “Which look like you looks more 💯 per cent her dad”

adaoraukoh wrote: “Your Oga do u this one o!!! DNA himself. So beautiful my UCHE”

divine_tinna wrote: “She is more beautiful looks like Dad and has her Dad’s nose not yours those noses will come up she is a very pretty girl just start training a police dog”

vera_for_shizzle wrote: “She looks like her Dad, Yes, she took ur nose. Yes, way prettier and sweet”

mbgboy.update wrote: “She’s more beautiful than you, look like her dad but the nose cha”

divine_iremide wrote: “1, she looks like her dad”

uchayharmony_ wrote: “bunny looks like her dad….yes she has cute flat nose, your own nose is outdated ( Sorry sis) … Bunny is Far far Beautiful than you…bunny love take your flowers .. sorry I’m 100 percent honest”

lydia_boldblack wrote: “1.. She looks like her Dad 2. Bunny nose is standing more than yours 3. Extremely beautiful than you”

jaynemofarayola wrote: “1. Bunny looks like her Dad so don’t worry yourself 2. Bunny’s nose is not flat like yours 3. Bunny is wayyyyyyyy morrrrrre beautiful than you, thank you.”