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Actress Chacha Eke Reveals How She Got Her Mental illness (WATCH VIDEO)



Actress Chacha Eke Reveals How She Got Her Mental illness

Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke from Nollywood has talked about how she developed her mental illness.

Chacha Eke who has been a vocal advocate for mental health since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder has revealed new information about her personal life.


Chacha acknowledged that her daughter would likely inherit her mother’s “craziness” in addition to her own.

She also disclosed that she miscarried a child 18 years prior and  the baby passed away. According to her, she is still in agony because of the tragedy.

Despite it being over a decade, she never forgets. “I am crazy, I got it from my mama. My mama was a crazy woman, her mama was crazy. My daughter will probably grow up and be a crazy little lady. That baby died and I’m so pained… 18 years gone but I never forget”, she said in a post.

Reacting to her revelation, popular and controversial relationship and s3x therapist, Blessing Okoro Nkiruka wrote; “I am so proud of you cha cha . This part will bring you fulfillment and joy . It’s ok to be imperfect that is how you find perfection .





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A day before this, Chacha Eke made a startling revelation about who she is as she subtly announces the launch of a new project.

She wrote;

“I am the light of the world – I shine and I shine bright as no man, no woman, no hands, no powers can stop the sun, moon and the star from shining; the same is my portion, no man, ni woman, no hands, no powers can stop my shine. Have a good day everybody”.