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A Christmas Open House Cast & Crew, Where Was The Discovery+ Movie Filmed?



On November 11, Discovery+ broadcast the first episode of “A Christmas Open House.” Cast members of the movie “A Christmas Open House” include Katie Stevens, Erin Napier, Victor Rasuk, Ben Napier, Bobbie Eakes, and James Healy. Ben Napier also served as a part of the cast.

The movie’s main characters were portrayed by actors Katie Stevens and Victor Rasuk. According to various reports in the media, Stevens plays the role of Melissa Norwood, an ambitious property stager working in Atlanta. She teams up with David Phelps (Rasuk), an ex-boyfriend from their days together in high school, in order to sell her mother’s house in their small Georgian hometown. The two of them have decided to work together to make some improvements to the house before it is shown to a pair of rich prospective purchasers on Christmas Eve.

Emily Moss Wilson was the director of “A Christmas Open House,” which was adapted from a script written by Brian Turner and Garrett Frawley. Mark Crump was in charge of producing the film. Sheri Singer and Jane Latman from Discovery serve as executive producers, along with Megan Ellstrom, Larry Grimaldi, Hannah Pillemer, and Fernando Szew from MarVista Entertainment. Garrett Frawley and Brian Turner are both contributing to the production as co-producers.

“A Christmas Open House” is going to be shown as one of the four holiday movies that Discovery+ is going to broadcast later on in the year. Food Network celebrity Ree Drummond made an appearance in the Food Network movie “Candy Coated Christmas,” which was a hit the previous year. “Candy Coated Christmas” was produced by the Food Network. They are now back with four new documentaries, two from HGTV, and two from the Food Network (a first for the home and design channel).


Who Are Christmas Open House Cast & Crew?

The actors Katie Stevens, Erin Napier, Victor Rasuk, Ben Napier, Bobbie Eakes, and James Healy can be seen in the film Christmas Open House. Ben Napier also has a role in the movie.

In order to sell her married mother’s home in their little Georgia hamlet, ambitious Atlanta real estate stager Melissa Norwood (Katie Stevens) teams up with David Phelps (Victor Rasuki), a high school sweetheart she had back when they were both in high school, in order to sell the property. The two of them decide to work together to spruce up the area before the Christmas Eve viewing of the house that would be attended by two wealthy possible purchasers. The home has a charming appearance, but it hasn’t been modernised in decades.

Henry and Sarah Wright, who are played by Ben and Erin Napier, are an exceptional pair who are competent in the renovation of small-town homes and value the inheritance of family property. Melissa is excited about the possibility of investing part of her money in a few creative initiatives that were conceived by them. Sarah is an artist who specialises in colour and altering design decisions, and Henry is a professional carpenter who makes one-of-a-kind furniture. Sarah’s work focuses on colour, and Henry’s work transforms design decisions.

As Christmas creeps closer and the tensions rise, Melissa and David begin to develop feelings for one another that could lead to a love connection. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that it won’t work out because Melissa wants to relocate back to Atlanta and establish her own business with the money she would receive from the sale of the property, whereas David prefers to remain in his hometown.

Where Was A Christmas Open House Filmed?
According to a recent report, the production of A Christmas Open began in Atlanta, Georgia, and eventually relocated to Laurel, Mississippi, where it was filmed. The event itself took place in Atlanta. The Napiers Scotsman Woodshop was the location of one of the photographs that were taken.

Both Ben and Erin mentioned that the new shooting approach required a little bit more practise before they were comfortable with it. “I remember reading these things in the earliest sessions, way back when we first got a screenplay for the character who is a woodworker. These are things that a carpenter would never say, but they are supposed to be said by the character. After that, they would advise us to say what any genuine woodworker would say, which is as follows: “says Ben. It was a lot of fun to be able to provide a hand with that aspect of it.

The two are responsible for everything having to do with “Home Town,” including writing the narrative, construction, planning, and design. When Ben and Erin were recording their section for “A Christmas Open House,” all they needed to do was remember what they were going to say and when they were going to say it.

Acting in a frigid, icy setting while the rest of the movie was shot in the sweltering heat of Laurel in the first week of August presented the Napiers with one of the most difficult challenges they had while working on this project.

In addition, both individuals claimed that Ree Drummond was the one who convinced them to take part in the Discovery+ programme. It’s possible that you recall that last year, Drummond starred in the first scripted holiday movie that the firm produced.

A Christmas Open took place in Atlanta

A Christmas Open took place in Atlanta

Christmas Open House Premiering Exclusively On Discovery+
On November 11, 2022, Christmas Open House will make its world premiere for the first time ever exclusively on Discovery+.

The film set to release in November will star the HGTV personalities in the roles of Henry and Sarah Wright. The characters, just like their real-life counterparts, have an appreciation for the culture of small towns and specialise in home repairs in the community, as stated in a news release issued by Discovery.

HGTV will also premiere Designing Christmas, a second film that stars Love It or List It star Hilary Farr in a supporting role. A Christmas Open House is the first film that HGTV will premiere for the holiday season. This film is about redecorating a house, and Farr plays the role of a mentor to the character Stella, who is an interior designer and falls in love with Pablo, who is played by Marco Grazzini, who also appeared in Gossip Girl.