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7 Shows Like The Empress You Must See



7 Shows Like The Empress You Must See

The Empress, a Netflix original film, tells the tale of Elisabeth of Bavaria, who marries Emperor Franz of Austria and embarks on a journey that will teach her what it’s like to be a queen. What had initially been a straightforward act of love becomes more convoluted as Franz and Elisabeth grow apart due to their respective royal responsibilities, with the latter growing more and more jaded in her life. She still is unable to evade her obligations. She gradually learns to accept the difficulties and develops a loyal following as a cherished royal figure. We have some fantastic shows planned up for you if her compelling tale has whetted your appetite for further historical dramas about the queens who are renowned for their tenacious spirit. These TV shows are comparable to “The Empress” on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and other streaming platforms.

Despite all the difficulties Elisabeth encounters in her role as Queen of Austria, at least she is exempt from the duties of the monarch. Franz is the one who has to be concerned about the battles, intrigue, and upheaval taking place just outside his door. Imagine the consequences if Elisabeth had seized the throne! How much more hardship she would have to deal with. If you want to learn more about this idea, you should watch “Victoria.” The drama, which is set in the 1800s, centres on Queen Victoria as she manages politics, love, and betrayal while attempting to rule a nation at a difficult period.

6. The Spanish Princess (2019-2020)
When Franz decides to take Elisabeth as his wife rather than her sister, the struggle in “The Empress” starts. His abrupt change in plans causes a lot of issues down the road. The sudden change in Catherine of Aragon’s marriage arrangements in “The Spanish Princess” also triggers events that influence the course of history. Arthur, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, an adolescent girl, were engaged. Over the years, they have corresponded, but when Catherine eventually makes her way to England to meet her future husband, she learns that his younger brother, Henry, was the one who had been writing them. Catherine despises Henry, but when Arthur passes away without warning, she must make sure that she weds the new king and takes the throne.

5. Becoming Elizabeth (2022-)
Elisabeth marries the King of Austria at a relatively young age. She is inexperienced, young, and hardly comprehends the politics of the community she now calls home. Everywhere there is danger, and everyone wants to exploit Elisabeth for their own purposes. Similar events are depicted in “Becoming Elizabeth.” The programme focuses on Queen Elizabeth I’s formative years as an orphaned adolescent who, following the death of her father, finds herself thrust into the midst of political unrest. People in the court try to use her and her half-sister, Princess Mary, to acquire political stature in the court when her little brother is crowned king.

4. Empress Ki (2013)
Elisabeth experiences a sense of alienation when she visits Austria. She marries for love, but her new role as queen comes with additional obligations that she is unprepared for. Nevertheless, as she spends more time with the Austrian nobility, she not only picks up the game she needs to play but also wins over the public’s affection. Empress Ki on Netflix also has a comparable plot. It starts with a woman who was not born into royalty, unlike Elisabeth, making her much more of an outcast. Ki Nyang, who was born in Korea, ended up ruling China’s Yuan dynasty as its empress.

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3. The White Queen (2013)
The Empress is set in an Austria on the verge of war under the reign of King Franz. A strategic political union would benefit the king at this time since there is a chance that the common people will revolt. Franz marries for love over everyone’s objections, which worsens the issue. The opening of “The White Queen” is similar. It is based on the reign of Edward IV, who marries Elizabeth Woodville, a commoner, in 1464, causing the English court to fall into turmoil as everyone vies for the crown.

2. The Serpent Queen (2022-)
Elisabeth is a naive youngster who is unconcerned with court politics when she first comes in Austria. Despite being cautioned that she has no idea what she is getting herself into, she marries Franz after falling in love with him at first sight. A young Catherine and her husband are in a comparable circumstance in “The Serpent Queen.” She is engaged to Henry, a young man, and she falls in love with him right away. She delves deeper into the murky world of French politics than Elisabeth because, unlike Elisabeth, her sentiments are not reciprocated, and she eventually finds a place for herself.

1. The Great (2020-)
Elisabeth stands out from the other royals in part due to her ability to relate to common people. She tries to help when she realises how dire their position is, but her cries go unanswered. Young Catherine takes an extreme action when she discovers her subjects in the same predicament and learns no one is doing anything about it. In “The Magnificent,” we follow a steel-nerved Catherine as she schemes to unseat her husband Peter III so that, under her rule, Russia will become the great nation it was always intended to be.