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Who Are Willa Fitzgerald Parents Edward Fitzgerald And Judith Dohse? Meet ’18½’ Actress Family




Edward Fitzgerald Willa Fitzgerald, who is an actress and model, is the daughter of Judith Dohse. Willa is 31 years old and was just in the comedy-thriller 1812.

On October 2, 2021, 1812 came out. In 1974, a White House typist gets the only copy of the famous 1812 minute gap in Nixon’s tapes. This is the story of the movie. The Watergate scandal is brought to the public’s attention.

Willa is working with Marija Juliette Abney, John Magaro, Gina Kreiezmar, Lloyd Kaufman, Richard Kind, and Sullivan Jones in the comedy-thriller 1812.Who Are Willa Fitzgerald Parents? Edward Fitzgerald & Judith Dohse
Willa was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on January 17, 1991, to Edward Fitzgerald and Judith Dohse.

The actress is well-known for playing the main character, Emma Duval, in the MTV show Scream.

She also played Officer Roscoe Conklin in the TV show Reacher, which was available on Amazon Prime Video. The model is also a cheer coach, and on the USA Network drama series Dare Me, she plays Colette French.

Alpha House on Amazon Studios and Royal Pains on USA Network are two other shows where she has done work that stands out.

Fitzgerald went to Yale University for three years to study theater studies and earn his degree. She played Vivian in the 2008 movie For the Love of a Dog, which was her first role.

Willa’s first big break in her career came in 2014, after she played Lola Laffer on Alpha House and Emma Miller on Royal Pains. She is also known for her parts in House of Cards, Little Women, Gotham, and other shows.

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Willa Fitzgerald’s Siblings and Family Details
Willa Fitzgerald is the only girl in her family, and she does not have any brothers or sisters. Even though she is a TV star, she is very private about sharing her personal information in public.

The American actress has not said anything about any other family members. She seems to be the only child in her three-parent home. Because of this, Fitzgerald grew up with a lot of love and care.

You can find the actress on Instagram at @willafitz, where she has more than 1600 posts and 448k followers. She has an official account that can be checked. Fitzgerald should have the great personality of her father and the beautiful looks of her mother.

Willa Fitzgerald’s Husband
Willa, a famous actress, is not married, so she does not have a husband. She is currently single.

Her Instagram doesn’t seem to have any more details about her love life or relationship, either. Willa often posts pictures of dogs on her Instagram account, which shows that she likes dogs.

Willa Fitzgerald used to be with Gabe Kennedy, who ran a hemp and herbal business called Plant People and worked as a chef.

The couple was often seen posting photos of each other on the social media site, but after a while, they stopped, and it was later reported that they had broken up. The reason why they broke up is still unknown.

Since 2017, they had been seeing each other. In an Instagram post from May 26, 2019, Willa Fitzgerald said that she had been seeing Gabe Kennedy for the past two years.

Willa’s love life and any other personal information about it are kept very secret. So, there isn’t much information about her private life and personal affairs.