According to Charity Nnaji those who listen or read stories of people who have been divorced in life are bound to have their relationship or marriage crash.

The delectable script-interpreter cautioned that an individual who listens to motivational stories of divorcees has 99% chance of losing his or her marriage, therefore in order to become a victim of a failed or crashed marriage, better stay away from them.

She made this statement on her Instagram story, however, she did not explain the reason for what she said.

“Your marriage is 99% about to hit the rock if you keep listening to a Motivatioonal divorcee… E get why”


PRESS INFORMANT recalls that Charity Nnaji in a recent interview with Vanguard, said women who don’t show off their endowment have a problem with their body that they want to shield from the public.

“As an entertainer, it is not wrong to flaunt one’s gifts of nature. Yes, a woman should flaunt her endowments.

To me, I feel if you don’t showcase what you have that means there is something wrong with your body that you don’t want the public to see.

While most men believe in what they see women tend to believe what they hear. So, let’s show them what they want to see.”