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Why Was Tory Lanez Was Handcuffed In Courtroom And Skilled His Bail Larger?



Why Was Tory Lanez Was Handcuffed In Court And Had His Bail Increased?

Tory Lanez was handcuffed in court docket docket and skilled his bail higher instantly after a determine noticed that he had damaged the protective get in his situation with Meg Thee Stallion by speaking about her on social media.

The Canadian rapper appeared in court docket in Los Angeles on Tuesday, when he was positioned within the custody of the Sheriff’s Division and his bail was set at $350,000 by the decide.

Prosecutors skilled requested that he be held with out bail, or that his bail is ready at $5 million on the extremely least.

He’s reportedly within the midst of posting the $350,000.

The determine talked about Tory’s tweet, the place he instantly tackled Meg as “U” was a violation of a defending buy — he’s not alleged to make contact with or point out her in any respect. Tory fired off that tweet once more in February when he mentioned, “Good d*** skilled me f***ing 2 most interesting good associates … and I acquired caught … which is what I apologized for … it’s sick how u Spun it tho …”

Prosecutors additionally voiced drawback a couple of tweet from DJ Akademiks from February which examine, “BREAKING: It was uncovered in courtroom couple moments in the past that Tory Lanez DNA WAS NOT discovered on the weapon within the Meg Thee Stallion case.”

The prosecution thinks Tory’s crew provided data and details to Ak. Shawn Holley, Tory’s legislation agency, mentioned that was not conceivable as a result of DJ Akademiks’ preliminary tweet was incorrect… Tory’s DNA was not uncovered within the journal, and a gun pattern was inconclusive.

About quarter-hour after his to start out with tweet, Ak adopted up with a brand new a single that indicated the inconclusive consequence.

Of system, all of that is much like Tory’s felony assault state of affairs, which stems from allegations that he discharged a gun in her course, resulting in her vital bodily hurt, and to which he has pleaded not accountable.