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Why is Ken Block not with Ford anymore?




Ken Block was a professional rally driver and co-founder of DC Shoes, a popular skate and snowboard footwear and apparel brand.

Ken Block signed a partnership with Ford Motor Company in 2010. This partnership allowed him to race under the Hoonigan banner in numerous events and helped to raise his profile in the world of rally racing.

There are a number of factors that may have contributed to the end of Ken Block’s partnership with Ford Motor Company and the Hoonigan Racing Division after 10 years of partnership.

Rally driver Ken Block signing autographs before the asphalt stage in Barcelona.

One possibility is that changes in the racing industry or shifts in the goals and priorities of either party may have led to the breakup of the partnership. It is also possible that the partnership simply ran its course and both parties decided to move on to other opportunities.

Without more information, it is difficult to say for certain what led to the end of the partnership. However, it is clear that Block and Ford had a successful partnership that helped to raise the profile of both parties and bring attention to the world of rally racing.