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Who Is Lord Rafael Caro Quintero?



diana espinoza husband

Diana Espinoza is a Mexican. She was born in Chihuahua.
Diana Espinoza was the spouse of Rafael Caro Quintero who is a drug lord who co-launched Guadalajara Cartel with Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo and other drug lords which is now defunct.

Reports say Diana Espinoza was arrested in 2008 with her husband or wife. They ended up accused of drug trafficking. When she was arrested, Caro Quintero was serving a 40-yr sentence, accused of the murder of former DEA agent Enrique Camarena.

Diana Espinoza Aguilar was born on Friday, July 17, 1970, in the condition of Chihuahua.

Diana Espinoza Small children: Did Diana Espinoza Have Children?
No exactly where in their story does kids aspect. We cannot easily ensure pr deny of Diana Espinoza and her partner had young children. But with their quickly paced type of life, it would be difficult to inform if they had kids.

Diana Espinoza’s net worth is not readily acknowledged. On the other hand, her associate is claimed to be worthy of $650 million.

Diana Espinoza Spouse: Who Is Lord Rafael Caro Quintero?

Diana Espinoza Aguilar is the spouse of Drug Lord Rafael Caro Quintero. Rafael Caro Quintero was a drug Lord who co-established now defunct Guadalajara Cartel. This Cartel was founded with Miguel Angle Félix Gallardo and other drug sellers.

Rafael Caro Quintero was Arrested since he was joined with the torture and murder of US drug enforcement agent in 1985. He was arrested by the Mexican Armed forces forces. He was flushed out by a puppy just after frantic search for him. He was flushed out of hiding in shrubland in the town of San Simon in Sinaloa.