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Where Are Susan’s Parents Danny and Avis Winters Now?



The mysterious circumstances surrounding Susan Winters’ passing are investigated in depth on the NBC News programme “Dateline: A Cool Desert Morning.” The 48-year-old woman was discovered unresponsive in her bed in January of 2015, and she was subsequently confirmed dead at a hospital. The cause of death was determined to be suicide by the authorities, who mostly relied on information provided by her husband, Gregory Brent Dennis. Susan’s parents, Danny and Avis Winters, on the other hand, did not believe their daughter. If you have any questions about what transpired during their search for justice, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Who Are Danny and Avis Winters?
Susan Winters was born to Danny and Avis Winters in Altus, Oklahoma, in March of 1966. At that point in time, the adoring couple already had a son by the name of Christopher. Susan eventually became a lawyer and worked in Oklahoma before going to Nevada and taking a job with the office of the district attorney in Clark County. Following that, Susan wed Gregory Dennis in August 1995, and the couple went on to have two daughters, both of whom were in their teenage years when the incident occurred.

Things, however, were thrown into disarray when the couple got a phone call informing them that Susan had taken her own life. The preliminary findings of the investigation revealed that she had passed away as a result of an overdose on both antifreeze and oxycodone. However, Danny and Avis had some reservations about the validity of that finding. Danny reported that there were two daughters in her family. She cherished them more than anything else in the world. If she had intended to end her life, she would not have done it in front of those girls, nor would she have chosen a method that required her to wait twenty-four hours to complete it.

Avis was not pleased with the way in which the authorities handled the situation, and she expressed her dissatisfaction by stating, “We were disappointed at the legal system, we were disappointed that the people in charge do not read evidence before them, we were disappointed that the Henderson police did not do any investigation, and the Clark County Coroner’s Office just accepted what they were told by Brent.” Because of this, the family decided to investigate into the matter by using the services of a private investigator as well as an attorney.


Additionally, the pair stated that Susan had not exhibited suicidal tendencies in the weeks leading up to her passing, and that she appeared to be in excellent spirits during her trip to Oklahoma in December of 2014. In addition, the parents asserted that she was looking forward to a hectic 2015 and had planned to take trips to watch her youngest daughter compete in cheerleading events. Not only that, but Susan was overjoyed that her older daughter would soon be attending university.

This led to the discovery of a significant amount of fresh evidence, all of which pointed in the direction of Gregory’s involvement in the passing of Susan. During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that he had a problem with drugs and that he had lied about where he was the night of the event. In addition, on the very first working day after Susan’s passing, George contacted the insurance company to inquire about the life insurance policy. The doggedness of Danny and Avis paid off in the end in May 2022, when Gregory was given a sentence that could put him behind bars for a maximum of ten years.

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Where Are Danny and Avis Winters Today?
Even while Danny and Avis were relieved that they had finally been able to receive justice, they were frustrated that they were unable to communicate with their granddaughters. Avis stated in front of the judge and the jury that “as if losing Susan wasn’t enough, we also lost the bond we had with her girls because we never believed this case was anything other than a murder case.” At other times, the sense of loss is so great that it seems impossible to bear, but we have faith that God is in control and that he will eventually vindicate Susan.

Danny and Avis got their start in the restaurant business by purchasing multiple Sonic Drive-In franchises in the states of Oklahoma and Texas. Danny related that his daughter was ecstatic about the possibility of taking on the role of legal counsel for the family’s company. He also mentioned that they were in the process of setting up an office for her in Nevada. It would appear that the pair resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and that they are also the leaders of the nonprofit organisation known as the Winters Family Foundation.