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What Happened To Brittany Higgins? Sensational Case Delayed After Lisa Wilkinson Logies Speech




What took place with Brittany Higgins in the ministry? Bio of Wikipedia
Brittany Higgins claimed to have been raped on March 22, 2019, late at night, to two media outlets. After security personnel allowed the duo to enter, it took place in Senator Linda Reynolds’ office in the ministerial wing of Parliament House by an anonymous male colleague.

After a work party, Brittany claims she became very drunk and got into a cab with a coworker expecting to be dropped off at their respective homes. Instead, she claims she was taken to Parliament House and raped while slipping in and out of consciousness.

Higgins was found in the minister office in the early morning hours half naked drunk and confused

Reynolds, Brittany’s then-boss, fired the alleged attacker on March 26, 2019, four days after the alleged rape, citing a “security infraction” rather than the alleged criminal activity.

Because the incident was divisive politically in an election year, she claimed Reynolds deserted her. She reported the rape to the police but left the case in April 2019 because of concern that the claim would lead to the termination of her employment.

Lisa Wilkinson speech delays the Brittany Higgins suspect trial

The trial was further postponed in June 2022 after the court issued a warning that Lisa Wilkinson’s acceptance speech at the Logie Awards in 2022 and the discussion that followed the speech had “obliterated” the line between an accusation and a finding of guilt.

According to Justice McCallum, Lisa met with Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold on June 15 to discuss the evidence she would offer at trial. Lisa announced during the conference that she had received a Logie nomination for her coverage of Higgins’ claim on The Project the previous year.

The TV reporter was warned not to publicly comment on Brittany’s case for fear of causing the trial to be delayed. Lisa took the stage after winning the award for Best News Coverage or Public Affairs Report despite the warning.

Justice McCallum informed the court on Tuesday that she had no choice but to postpone the trial as a result of the statement and the publicity that followed. Lisa might be investigated and subject to legal repercussions, according to Matthew Collins, president of the Australian Bar Association.

David Saraz, Brittany Higgins partner responds to her situation

David Sharaz, a journalist and once employed by the government, is Brittany Higgins’ partner. David has declared that he and Brittany would not be intimidated or silenced and has blasted a research that failed to prove the prime minister’s office had information against him.

Sharaz referred to the report by John Kunkel as “PMO personnel defending themselves” after Morrison’s chief of staff determined he was “not in a position to judge that the stated action occurred.”

According to David, the chief of staff for the prime minister “conducted an examination of his own office and found it to be operating appropriately.”

The fact that such allegations have been raised serves as a crucial reminder that [the prime minister’s] staff members must hold one another to the highest standards, according to Higgins’ spouse.

Sharaz charged that Labor had criticized the administration for withholding the report’s publication and then criticized it for releasing it.