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Watch Oshiomole Characterizing Himself ”LION” and Obaseki ”LIZARD” (WATCH VIDEO)



Through the marketing campaign that led to Edo state Elction, Oshiomole was seen on a Video in an interview with ChannnelsTV a day earlier than the Edo governorship election the place he characterised Obaseki’s promise to extirpate his “godfatherly” tentacles in Edo because the threats of a “lizard” to a “lion.” (Obaseki is the “lizard” and he’s the “lion”

He mentioned he was the Lion and Obaseki is a Lizard.

That is an unusually over-dramatic hyperbole, which aggrandizes the enormity of Oshiomhole’s defeat–and the deep psychic rupture he have to be nursing now.

The defeat of a lion by a lizard is the stuff of legends. The Bible’s “David and Goliath” story pales miserably compared!