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Was Jeffrey Dahmer an Alcoholic? Did He Drug His Victims?




Even though it has been more than twenty years since the horrifying case of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was brought to public attention for the first time, there are in all honesty still a lot of things surrounding his activities that are puzzling. In the end, despite the fact that he was not clinically crazy, as revealed in the documentary series “Conversations With a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes” on Netflix, he was nonetheless compelled to kill, engage in necrophilia, and eat human flesh. As a result, he went to extremes that had never been seen before with his victims, most of the time when he was under the influence of alcohol. If you are interested in learning more about these particular characteristics, we have the essential information for you.

Was Jeffrey Dahmer an Alcoholic?
Jeffrey was not just an alcoholic, but he was an alcoholic for his entire life. He is said to have started drinking heavily when he was still in his early adolescent years as a means of coping with his sexual identity. Jeffrey was an alcoholic for his entire life. It actually got to the point where he was known to show up to high school inebriated, consume his vice discreetly while he was in class, and even store bottles of it in his locker so that he could get to them quickly and easily. According to the documentary series filmed by Joe Berlinger, it is extremely important to be aware that alcoholism runs in his mother’s side of the family. This is vital due to the fact that genetics play a large influence in addiction.

Jeffrey did enrol at Ohio State University in August 1978, six weeks after committing his very first murder, with the intention of majoring in business. However, due to his drinking, he dropped out of school within the first three months of his enrollment. After that, around January 1979, he enlisted in the army at the urging of his father, who hoped that the inherent discipline would assist his son’s habits. However, during his tenure in the army, his off-duty alcohol abuse only got worse over time. As a result, he was given an honourable discharge from the military in March 1981, one year before the end of his term, because the personnel in the military believed that his issues would not influence his life after he returned to civilian life.

According to the documentary series, the man who was born and raised in Wisconsin spent the most of his income on booze over the course of his life. As a result, he accidentally committed his second murder while blackout drunk in the year 1987. Jeffrey always insisted that he couldn’t remember how he killed Steven Walter Tuomi, but he did concede that it’s likely that he’d beaten him to death because the victim’s hands were all bruised up the following morning. This was despite the fact that Jeffrey always insisted that he couldn’t remember how he killed Steven Walter Tuomi. Even this, however, was not enough to deter him, and it came out that he needed to be drunk before he went on to perpetrate 15 more murders (until 1991). As a result, he was ultimately diagnosed with alcohol dependence.

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Did Jeffrey Dahmer Drug His Victims?
When Jeffrey would get his victims to come to his house, he would give them sleeping medications like triazolam or temazepam so that he could subsequently take unfettered advantage of them both physically and sexually. He did everything to them, including laying on their front to feel their body move without any resistance, pouring muriatic acid or boiling water directly into their heads for complete zombie-like submission, and eventually killing them.

After this was completed, Jeffrey posed the skeletal remains of his victims in a variety of suggestive poses for polaroid photographs before dismembering, attacking, and keeping various parts of his victims’ bodies as a memento, to eat, or for his own sick gratification. However, the beginning of each and every stage of it consists of him supplying them with either water, coffee, or liquor that has been extensively laced with sleeping pills. The quantity of the sleeping pills in each of these beverages varies from time to time.