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Strictly Claudia Winkleman Catches Eyes Flaunting Dress Costing £25, What Is Inside Her Wardrobe Collection?




On the show “Strictly Come Dancing,” Claudia Winkleman shows off her stunning wardrobe. One of our favourite things to look forward to on Strictly Come Dancing is seeing Claudia’s new outfit each week. How on-trend is that, right?

Strictly Come Dancing is an incredible addition to our televisions, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Even though only a few weeks have passed, enticing personalities such as diva Fleur East and Paralympian Ellie Simmonds have already been entertaining us with their acts on Saturday nights.

In the midst of all the swaying sambas and exquisite American dance moves, the Ballroom and Latin American dance competition would be pointless if Claudia wasn’t there to judge it. Whether you favour Claudia’s power suits or her more casual clothes, we have all of her clothing and accessories available for purchase.

Claudia Winkleman

Strictly Claudia Winkleman Dress Is Receiving Attention

The audience have been surprised by both Claudia Winkleman’s dress and her fashion sense. Claudia chooses what to wear each week on the yearly BBC show because she is known for having a unique sense of style. Sinead McKeefry is the person who is always in charge of styling the television celebrity.

In example, Claudia likes to shop at high street retailers very frequently. She is the one who stole the show a few weeks ago wearing a stunning little dark dress from Zara that cost only £25.99. Wow!

Claudia wore a pair of stilettos to complement the one-sleeved dress with sparkly embellishments that she wore. Tess Daly’s ensembles are usually enhanced by the star’s creative and frequently daring choices in fashion, and her co-host looked just as lovely as she did on Saturday night!

Tess and Claudia are huge fans of anything with designer labels. This season, Tess and Claudia have been seen wearing flared pants by Safiyaa Halluana, which cost 450 dollars, and stunning boots by Dolce and Gabbana, which cost 1,250 dollars. Let’s just say that the prices for these products are a little bit beyond of our budget range, despite the fact that we would want to be able to purchase them. However, it’s wonderful.

A Look At Claudia Winkleman Iconic Dresses In Strictly Come Dancing

Week 9: Jumpsuit & Animal Print Dresses 

Claudia styled in Animal Print Suit

Claudia styled in Animal Print Suit

On Saturday, November 19, 2022, Claudia participated in BBC Strictly Come Dancing Week 9 wearing a jumpsuit by 16Arlington that cost a total of $1,395. Sinead McKeefry styled Claudia.

Claudia made her appearance on BBC Strictly Week 9 Results on the evening of Sunday, November 20, 2022. She was wearing a Zara Animal Print Satin Blazer, which retailed for $69.99. Claudia was given a style makeover by Sinead McKeefry.

The leopard print satin trousers from Zara that Claudia is wearing retail for £45.99 each. Pants with a straight leg and back slits, high waist, and high waistband. A metal hook, an inside button, and a zipper are used to secure the front of the garment.

Although Claudia’s footwear remains a mystery, she has been seen in the past wearing cheetah-print calf hair pumps model number Gianvito Rossi 105.

Week 8: Fluid Tux Shift 

Claudia styled in White Shirt

On the Sunday, November 13, 2022, Claudia attended the Week 8 Results wearing a dress by Me & Em that cost $275. The Me & Em Silk Tux Shirt in cream/soft colour that Claudia is wearing has a price tag of $250. This tuxedo shirt is made of cotton, which has a smooth, opaque texture, and lustrous silk, which has a semi-sheer finish. The goal of this sentence is to illustrate how these components work together to form the shirt.

Claudia gave her appearance a makeover for BBC Strictly Week 8 by donning a gorgeous one-shoulder dress by Nadine Merabi (£315), the empress of the flashiest apparel. This outfit was worn by Claudia on Saturday, November 12, 2022.

Week 7: Sequin Star Shirt & Trousers

Claudia styled in Sequin Dress

On Saturday, November 5, 2022, Claudia went shopping in Olympia and purchased a Colette Shirt for €530. Claudia was given a style makeover by Sinead McKeefry.

Claudia made her appearance on BBC Strictly Come Dancing Week 7 Results on the evening of Sunday, November 6, 2022, wearing a dark crepe contrast mini dress by Self Portrait that cost £320.

A dark bonded crepe was used to fashion this adorable little outfit. The inner of it is chocolate, and it has a lace trim embellishment around the waist. The length of the skirt is tailored with an understated flair. Make sure you check out the Size Guide to get the perfect fit.

Week 6: Tiger Sequin Trousers & Dark Dress 

Claudia styled in Star Shirt and Trousers

Claudia styled in Star Shirt and Trousers

At the Week 6 Results event, which took place on October 30, 2022, Claudia sported a pair of gold and dark Raey sequin bootcut trousers that cost £595.

These Raey trousers have a bootcut and are adorned with dark and gold sequins organised in the style of a tiger stripe. The flared legs of the pants give them a dynamic appearance.

On the Saturday, October 29, 2022, Claudia participated in Week 6 wearing a dark Zara Gathered Short Dress that cost $32.99. We believe that Claudia’s shoes were the true shining stars of the event that took place over Halloween week, and as a result, we are green with envy. The sandals with the neon hues are from Gina, but the Zara clothing she wore was unfortunately sold out.

Week 5: Dark Velvet Dress & Suit

Claudia styled in White Suit

On the Sunday, October 23, 2022, Claudia attended the Week 5 Results event wearing a little outfit made of dark velvet. Sinead McKeefry was the one who did Claudia’s styling. The back zipper of this short dress is concealed, and it has a high neck, long sleeves with defined shoulders, elastic cuffs with frills, and short length.

On Saturday, October 22, 2022, in Week 5, Claudia wore an off-mint velvet tuxedo that was so popular that it sold out. Claudia accessorised her look with a Yellow Gold Vermeil Astley Clarke Pearl Ring that cost her $150. The well-known signet ring is an excellent example of how Baroque and modern elements can be harmoniously combined.

Week 4: Suit and Trousers

During the announcement of the Week 4 Results on Sunday, October 16, 2022, Claudia sported a blazer. Sinead McKeefry was the one who did Claudia’s styling. This suit and pair of pants definitely satisfy Claudia’s desire for clothing that is uncomplicated yet also fashionable.

It looks like the Reiss Tate Tuxedo Blazer (which retails for $250) paired with The Row Lanza jersey leggings (which retail for $660). To look as chic in leggings as Claudia does is one of our fashion goals.

On the Saturday, October 15, 2022, Claudia donned a ZARA Flowing Dress With Draped Detail that cost £29.99; however, it was the gold Paris Texas 105 knee-high boots that truly stole the show.

Week 3: Rhinestone Dress

On Sunday, October 9, 2022, during the Week 3 Results, Claudia performed exceptionally well while wearing the Zara Rhinestone Night Collection Dress (£109). A perfect combination of class and simplicity.

During Movie Week, Claudia Winkleman wore a blazer by Nadine Merabi called the Kira Blazer that cost £295 and pants by 16ARLINGTON called the Koro Sequined Flared-Cuff Pants that cost £750.

Week 2: Shirt & Pink Trousers

On Sunday, October 2, 2022, Claudia made an appearance in Week 2 Results while wearing a dark turtleneck velvet top by Alexandre Vauthier that cost £675 and had a price tag.

Louboutin is responsible for creating the So Kate 100 Leather Pumps in Red that Claudia is wearing. These pumps retail for $595. Christian Louboutin designed the So Kate shoes in red leather with a pointed toe for fashion-forward people to wear.

On the Saturday, October 1, 2022, Claudia participated in Week 2 wearing a set of Safiyaa Halluana Candy Trousers that cost $495. Claudia sported a black Reiss Hailey Silk Shirt that cost her $120.

Week 1: Sequin Suit

It’s possible that the Dolce & Gabbana high shoes (originally £1,250) that are presently on sale for £751 are the most eye-catching component of Claudia’s outfit from week one. The reported jacket is a Soles Wool Jacket from The Row, which retails for $2,102.11.

At the beginning of the season, Claudia wore an ensemble that shone throughout the night. The matching Nadine Merabi Kira blazer can be purchased for £295, and the exact pair can be purchased for £225 for the pants.

Claudia Anne Irena Winkleman is an English television presenter, radio broadcaster, cinema critic, and journalist.

Claudia Anne Irena Winkleman is an English television presenter, radio broadcaster, cinema critic, and journalist.

Claudia Winkleman Bio

Claudia Anne Irena Winkleman is an English television presenter, radio broadcaster, cinema critic, and journalist. She was born on January 15, 1972 in the United Kingdom. Between the years 2004 and 2010, she was the host of the weeknight edition of Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two on BBC Two. Since 2010, she has co-presented the main results show for Strictly Come Dancing on BBC One with Tess Daly. Since 2014, she has been a main co-host alongside Tess Daly on the Saturday night live shows, following Sir Bruce Forsyth’s departure from the show. Because to her performance on Strictly Come Dancing, she has been recognised by the British Academy of Television Arts with two nominations for the award for Best Entertainment Performance.

Additionally, Winkleman hosted the BBC programme Film, taking over for Jonathan Ross after the latter moved to ITV in 2010. Winkleman succeeded Ross as the host of the programme. Alongside Steve Jones, she hosted the first two series of the singing and dancing competition Let’s Sing and Dance. She was the host of the sewing competition programme “The Great British Sewing Bee” on BBC Two from 2013 till 2016.

Her signature look is characterised by long, jet-black hair that is styled into a signature fringe. She has stated that she does not believe she would have been successful in her career without the fringe.

Claudia Winkleman’s husband and children

Kris Thykier is Claudia’s husband, and they have two children together. Kris has a long history of working in the film industry, and his credits can be found on a wide variety of critically acclaimed movies and television episodes, including Kick-Ass, The Woman in Gold, and Sky Atlantic’s Riviera, among many others.

Kris and Claudia tied the knot in the year 2000, and since then, the pair has been blessed with three children: Jake, Matilda, and Arthur. Claudia and Kris tend to keep their personal lives, including their relationship and their children, private, and they do not discuss these topics on their blog very often.

When Matilda was wearing her Halloween costume in 2014, it caught fire and she suffered major injuries. She was transported to the hospital for treatment. Claudia explained that her daughter, who was eight years old at the time, had accidentally brushed into a candle, which had caused her costume to catch fire. Claudia said that her daughter had been wearing a costume. Following the occurrence, the government swiftly took action to strengthen the restrictions already in place regarding costume requirements. Matilda, thankfully, made a complete recovery from her illness.

Claudia confessed in July that she was on the verge of quitting her presenting gig on Strictly Come Dancing. During her appearance on Woman’s Hour on Radio 4, the TV personality revealed that she had called the executives of the show “in tears” because she was concerned that the show might interfere with her son’s transition to university.

Personal life

At Marylebone Town Hall, Winkleman and film producer Kris Thykier exchanged vows in the month of June 2000. The couple is parents to three little ones.

When Winkleman’s daughter, who was eight years old at the time, was wearing a Halloween costume that caught fire on October 31, 2014, she suffered major burns and had to be transported to the hospital. According to Winkleman, the outfit came into contact with a candle that was placed inside of a pumpkin. Because of this incident, the government decided to make the requirements for flame-retardant materials in Halloween costumes stricter.

claudia winkleman husband

claudia winkleman husband

Claudia, his daughter, is married. To Kris Thykier, who makes movies

There is a marriage between Barry Winkleman and Kris Thykier’s daughter. In the year 2000, Kris tied the knot with TV host Claudia Winkleman in an intimate ceremony. There were none of their distant relatives or casual acquaintances there.

The passengers on The Wheel were taken aback when she revealed the details of her supposedly private nuptials to them. In the video that was aired on the BBC broadcast, the famous person can be heard saying that she finds her wedding dress repulsive.

In general, Claudia and Kris do not discuss their marriage or children on the internet. Neither do they discuss their personal lives or other aspects of their lives.

She doesn’t discuss much about her marriage, but in an interview with Red Magazine, she did mention that the reason why her marriage is still going strong is because her spouse is eager to work together. She doesn’t talk much about her marriage.

Kris, who is a producer, was involved in the production of the biographical drama titled Woman in Gold. The film starred Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren. In particular, his work on the films The Debt and Kick has brought him a lot of attention (2010).

The hit television show Riviera was created by Kris, who served as the team’s leader (2017).