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Stakeholder raises concerns over health implications of neighbourhood graveyards




A stakeholder has expressed concern over the health implications of neighbourhood burial vaults which include outbreaks of epidemics.

It was submitted that residents in the affected areas are prone to communicable diseases if the situation remains unchecked.

Mrs Adebukola Kadiri, the Chief Executive Officer of Eternal Home, made these disclosures while addressing a press conference in Ibadan on Tuesday.

Kadiri noted that the practice of burying corpses at home is no more fashionable.

Kadiri who spoke with journalists added that the country had in the past lost many of her promising children to diseases traceable to the practice of neighbourhood burial vaults.

She submitted that the only way to end this practice is for the government to enact a law prohibiting the act.

She, therefore, recommended severe sanctions for the violator(s) of the law.

Kadiri added that this is the only way to put an end to the age-long practice which has serious health implications.

Kadiri said: “The health of the citizenry should be of paramount concern to our leaders at all levels of government. Neighbourhood burial practice is no longer acceptable in the country.

“Some religious sects especially Islam detest this practice. It is wrong on the part of the citizenry to turn residential places into the neighbourhood burial vault.

“Available records have shown that water from the borehole drill in such area is likely to be contaminated. In order to guide against such act, there is need for enactment of law with severe sanction”.

Kadiri while speaking further, disclosed that the age-long practice encourages the illicit act of the ritualists. She added that corpses that are buried in the neighbourhood are not always secure.

She stated that we have had situations in the past when ritualists invaded neighbourhood graveyards and made away with the vital organs of the deceased.

“There is a need to cultivate the habit of saving in case of any eventuality. Giving our loved ones a deserved place of rest should be of paramount concern to us.”