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Satisfy Allen Downs and Anita Sanchez



Lila Downs is a effectively-recognised Mexican singer-songwriter who is most effective acknowledged for the lots of tunes she has authored.

Lila Downs performs her personal compositions and the functions of many others in multiple genres, as well as tapping into Mexican traditional and well-known songs.

Lila Downs was born on September 9, 1968, in Tlaxiaco, Mexico. She is the daughter of Allen Downs and Anita Sanchez.

Lila Downs has not shared any information about her siblings.

Read through far more below to get to discover out who the parents of Lila Downs are.

Lila Downs Parents

Lila Downs Mom and dad: Fulfill Allen Downs and Anita Sanchez

Allen Downs and Anita Sanchez are the mother and father of Lila Downs.

Wherever are Lila Downs moms and dads from?

Lila Downs is the daughter of Anita Sánchez, a Mixtec cabaret singer, and Allen Downs, a Scottish-American professor of art and cinematographer from Minnesota.