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Reindeer Games Homecoming (2022) Cast And Crew, Filming Locations And Release Date




A romantic comedy-drama starring Sarah Drew, Justin Bruening, Brian Sills, and others is called Reindeer Games Homecoming.

The story of biology instructors MacKenzie Graves (Sarah Drew) and Chase Weston is central to the film (Justin Bruening). The primary actress, Sarah, portrayed a smart, competitive crossword puzzle enthusiast who had lost her fire chief father.

After Chase came home for Christmas, Mac continued her father’s custom and got to meet her high school love interest. Later, as they engaged in a holiday fundraising tradition, they grew closer.

Reindeer Games Homecoming (2022) Cast And Crew

Rudolph Games Lead actors in Homecoming are Sarah Drew and Justin

Bruening. Brian Sills, Ava Cheung, and others are the supporting players.

Sarah Drew As MacKenzie Graves

Sarah Drew
Sarah Drew

In Reindeer Games Homecoming, Sarah Drew plays the part of Vermont biology teacher MacKenzie Graves. She also wrote the screenplay for the film. The protagonist loses her father and aspires to carry on his legacy. The Reindeer Games, the town’s annual holiday fundraiser, had Mac’s father at its centre.

The character succeeded her father after his passing. She played against the previous teammates of her father’s squad in order to win the games and carry on her father’s family tradition.

However, the arrival of fading Hollywood star Chase Weston shook up the holiday. Even Mac had a crush on him in high school. Following that, Mac and Chase played the game together and grew close.

The actor Drew, who was born in Stony Brook, has been in Mom’s Night Out, Radio, Supernatural, and Grey’s Anatomy. The actress most recently participated in the Say It in German film in pre-production.

Along with this film, Drew also starred as Hannah Morris in 2018 Christmas Pen Pals and Jess Waters in 2020 Christmas in Vienna.

Justin Bruening As Chase Weston

Justin Bruening
Justin Bruening

In Reindeer Games Homecoming, Justin Bruening portrayed Chase Weston. At Christmas, he returns home to see his pregnant sister and nephew. The protagonist is reluctantly forced to participate in The Reindeer Games.

Mac is given the chance to battle against her ex-huge crush. She got motivated to show him what she could do and take home the Kris Kringle Cup as a result. The couple’s chemistry intensifies during the contest, and Chase is driven to triumph and win Mac’s affection.

In addition to this, Justin has appeared in Christmas-themed films such The Thanksgiving House as Everett Mather, Swept Up by Christmas as Nash, Last Vermont Christmas as Nash, and The March Sisters at Christmas as Teddy Lawrence.

American actor Justin is well-known for his roles in Ringer, Good Behavior, Sweet Magnolias, and Grey’s Anatomy. He appeared in 20 episodes of Sweet Magnolias from 2020 to 2022 as Cal Maddox.

Brian Sills As Simon Cook
Simon Cook is portrayed by Brian Sills in Reindeer Games Homecoming. The actor was a former teammate of the Mac father. The actor is well-known for his roles in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Twinkle All the Way, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

He most recently played Will in the TV series Circuit Breakers and Adam in the TV film Santa’s Got Style. This year, he debuted in We Wish You a Married Christmas as Vince.

He portrayed Josh and Nothing like the Holidays in the holiday film The Holiday Fix-Up. In 1999, the actor made his television film debut as Usher in Rocky Marciano.

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Ava Cheung As Kit
In Reindeer Games Homecoming, Ava Cheung plays the role of Kit. The actress is well-known for her roles in Reacher, The Expanse, and Odd Squad. She most recently played Ivy in the television series Circuit Breakers starring Brian Sills.

Christmas in Wolf Creek, Love in Wolf Creek, and A Christmas Dance Reunion are just a few of the holiday films that Cheung has previously been in.

Ashley Bryant As Woman
The character Ashley Bryant plays in Reindeer Games Homecoming is a female. She is well-known for her roles in Private Eyes, Nightalk, and Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer. She also appears in the short pre-production film Wifi.

Domain Giordano As Jeremy
In Reindeer Games Homecoming, Domain Giordano portrays Jeremy. Reacher, World’s Best, and 13: The Musical are among the actor’s best-known roles.

Shannon McDonough As Teri Mazzeo
Teri Mazzeo was portrayed by Shannon McDonough in Reindeer Games Homecoming. The actor is widely recognised for his work on Titans, Maggie Mysteries, Spotlight, and Disaster DIY.

Richard Partick Tolton II As Kyle
Kyle is played by Richard in Reindeer Games Homecoming. His credits in the film industry include Civil, The Boy in the Woods, and Francesca Quinn, PI. He is a recent entry.

Alicia Alexander As Fan Girl
In Reindeer Games Homecoming, Alexander plays a fangirl. She might be a fan of Chase Weston, a fading Hollywood star. In the film, the actress made her acting debut.

Tim Johnson, Stephanie Slack, Margret H. Huddleston, and Sarah Drew are the producers of the Reindeer Games Homecoming.

Joey Gunn, William Mood, Christie Capustinsky, Kelsey Dauphinee, Aidan Maxerolle, Johnny Ross, Erika Hille, Roxanne Landry, Jason L. Wood, and Amanda Collie make up the supporting cast.

Reindeer Games Homecoming Director Brian Herzlinger
Reindeer Games Homecoming is directed by Herzlinger. Drew responded to Brain’s performance. He directed the programme while working on the romantic portion of the film. When it came to painting techniques, he assisted the actress.

In addition, the filmmaker worked on The Holiday Dating Guide and The Last Love Letter. The director’s films Deadly Yoga Retreat, The Walls Are Watching, and Aloha with Love were all released this year.

The Holiday Fix Up, A Christmas Dance Reunion, High Holiday, Lean and Snowball, A Welcome Home Christmas, A Christmas Movie Christmas, A Christmas Switch, Christmas Angel, and other holiday films were directed by Herzlinger.

Reindeer Games Homecoming Was Filmed In Ottawa
Many movies were filmed in Ottawa this year, including Reindeer Games Homecoming. The majority of the city was selected as the location for the festival movies to be shot. In the Ottawa region, 15 Christmas movies were filmed in 2022.

In the Town of Arnprior, Reindeer Games Homecoming is primarily filmed in may. On May 12, when the show’s filming began, the county had been turned into Harrison Falls. They were active along Madawaska Street and North John Street.

The gazebo and pedestrian walkway are among the sights in Robert Simpson Park.

Noel Next Door, Well Suited for Christmas, One Delicious Christmas, Designing Christmas, Mistletoe Time Machine, Hotel for the Holidays, The Great Holiday Bake War, The Most Colorful Time of the Year, and other films have been shot in Ottawa.

Reindeer Games Homecoming Is Released On November 12
On November 12, 2022, Reindeer Games Homecoming will be made available. Johnson Production Group is one of the production businesses engaged. The film’s distributor is Lifetime Television.

The film has its debut on Saturday at 8/7c and will be streamed on CTV Life (Canada) the following day. The new Christmas film premiered on Lifetime after the next four nights. Corey Sevier and Genelle Williams starred in the Thursday premiere of Christmas Mistletoe Lake.

In Philo, people can watch Lifetime movies. Live streaming services are less expensive on the network. Users pay $25 per month for access to the more than 60 channels.


Reindeer Games Homecoming (2022) Trailer Update
Reindeer Games Homecoming (2022) Trailer Update

Reindeer Games Homecoming (2022) Trailer Update And Reaction
Reindeer Games Homecoming features Justin Bruening and Sarah Drew on the same screen. The former Grey’s Anatomy pair included a special clip of the relationship.

In the video, Mac and Chase go to the high school’s basement in search of the pair who fled when they saw them. When Mac said that the boy wasn’t right for the girl, Chase began to chuckle and made her think about her time in school.

Chase used to get dragged into the high school makeout area by Mac. She disputed it and stated it wasn’t what she meant. But in a joke, Chase claimed she wanted to take advantage of him. During the talk, Mac learned more about Chase and discovered that during the time, he put a lot of pressure on himself.

Sarah, who plays Brian in the movie Reindeer Games Homecoming, discussed her reaction to the part in a recent interview.

Some FAQs
Who are Reindeer Games Homecoming cast?
The lead cast of Reindeer Games Homecoming includes Sarah Drew and Justin Bruening.

When will Reindeer Games Homecoming be released?
On November 12, 2022, Reindeer Games Homecoming will be released.

Where did Reindeer Games Homecoming film?
In Ottawa, the movie Reindeer Games Homecoming was filmed.