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Reece Topley Wife Elina Svitolina: Couple’s Inside Married Life and Net Worth



Reece Topley Wife Elina Svitolina: Couple’s Inside Married Life and Net Worth

Reece Topley is an English cricketer who married Elina Svitolina in 2016. In 2018, they finally got a divorce.

The athlete was born on February 21, 1994, in Ipswich, Suffolk, England, to Don Topley. His father and uncle were both English cricketers, so sports are in Topleys’ blood.

So, they encouraged him to become an athlete. Reece went to the Royal Hospital School, where his father was both his teacher and cricket coach, so he never had a chance to slack off in any way.

Topley has played for Essex since he was nine years old. In 2015, after making his England debut in a Twenty20 International against Australia, he quit the club and joined Hampshire. Also, he now bats with his right hand and bowls medium-fast with his left arm for Surrey and Oval Invincibles.

But the cricket player has had several stress fractures, which makes him wonder if he will ever be able to play again. In the same way, he couldn’t play in the Lions game in Sri Lanka because he hurt his back.

Who is the wife of Reece Topley?
Reece Topley is now no longer married. He hasn’t said anything about his relationship or posted pictures of his partner.

In his life, the athlete has been with a few beautiful women. He is seeing a woman right now, but he hasn’t told anyone who she is. The athlete has posted a few pictures of his girlfriend on his social media account, though.

The cricket player is 6 feet and 7 inches tall and has 103 posts under the name @reecejwtopley. As of September 18, 2022, he had the same number of followers: 28.4k.

Topley goes on dates a lot and posts pictures of the beautiful times on his Instagram. He doesn’t post pictures of his girlfriend, though. Also, when he posts pictures of his girlfriend, he only shows the back of her without showing her face.

Inside the Married Life of Reece Topley and Elina Svitolina
Reece Topley and Elina Svitolina were together for a few years, and they may have gotten married when they were 22. Even if Reece and Elina were married, though, they were only together for two years.

Dailystar says that the two people met at a gym in London and dated for 18 months before going their separate ways. They went to each other’s games and hung out. Since Svitolina played cricket in Brisbane, people in her home country joked that she was one of the best cricket players in the world. She was even called the first Ukrainian cricketer in the Ukrainian newspapers.

But because they were young athletes when they dated, they always put their sports and careers first. They always paid attention to their games and didn’t let anything else get in the way. Also, after they broke up, Elina and Gal Monfils walked down the aisle together.

Elina Svitolina is a tennis player from Ukraine
Svitolina is a professional tennis player who was born in Odesa, Ukraine, on September 12, 1994. She is 28 years old and plays for Ukraine in international tournaments.

The athlete started playing sports when she was five years old. When she was 13, a businessman named Yuriy Sapronov paid for her to play. When she was 12, Yuriy was impressed by her game at one of his children’s tournaments.

In 2010, when she was still a teenager, the tennis player won the French Open girls’ event. Since then, she has won 16 WTA Tour singles titles and placed second three times.

She got into the world’s top 50 for the first time in July 2013, then the top 20 in June 2015, and the top 10 in May 2017. Elina is also ranked 19th in the history of the WTA and has won a total of USD 21,418,949 in prize money.

But on March 31, 2022, she said she would take a break from the competition because of health problems and emotional exhaustion caused by the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Gal Monfils is Elina’s husband
The professional tennis player from Ukraine is married to the French professional tennis player Gal Monfils, not the English cricketer Reece Topley.

Elina started dating Gal in 2019 after she broke up with Reece. On April 3, 2021, after they had been dating for two years, they announced that they were getting married.

After getting engaged for three months, Svitolina and Monfils walked down the aisle and promised to be together forever, through good times and bad. On July 16, which is their wedding anniversary, they drink a toast. But the tennis player doesn’t plan to change her last name to Monfils until she is a professional player. On social media, she goes by Elina Monfils.

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Do Reece Topley and Elina Svitolina have any children together?
Reece and Elina did not have kids together because they were only together for 18 months. Even though they used to be a nice couple, they didn’t want a baby to come into the world.

Topley and Svitolina were in love for a short time, but they didn’t plan to start a family because they were more focused on their careers at the time. At the time they were together, the two were only 23 years old and young.

But now they are 28 and have moved on with their lives. The tennis player is married to Gal Monfils, and the cricketer has a girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with. The athlete is also excited to have her first child with her husband, Monfils.

Gal Monfils and Elina Svitolina are going to have a child

On May 15, 2022, Elina told her followers on social media that she was pregnant. She and her boyfriend Gal are expecting a girl.

The couple also said that they will have their first child in October 2022. They are excited to grow their family and are happy to have a cute dog.

Svitolina has posted pictures of her growing belly on her social networking sites. Monfils has also shared photos of his wife and their unborn child, which the athlete is carrying in her womb, on his social media accounts.

@elisvitolina and @iamgaelmonfils are the Instagram handles for the couple. The Ukrainian tennis player has made 1.1k posts on her verified account and has 865k followers. In a similar way, the French tennis player has shared 197 attachments, and 915k people are following him.

Reece Topley Net Worth In 2022
Reece Topley has a net worth of about $500,000 because he is a cricket player. Most of his money comes from playing cricket in his own country and from endorsements.

Since 2009, when he first made news as a cricketer, Reece has been busy, so he must have a good amount of money in his bank account. The cricket player came up through the Essex youth cricket program, and he played his first game for the club against Cambridge MCCU in 2011.

Later in May 2011, he signed a one-year professional contract with Essex and played his first List A game against the Unicorns in the Clydesdale Bank 40. In the same way, the athlete also got to play for England Under-19s in their Youth One Day International series against South Africa Under-19s.

After the player draft for the 2022 Pakistan Super League in December 2021, Islamabad United signed him. In April 2022, Oval Invincibles bought him for the 2022 season of The Hundred.

Reece Topley Career Earnings In A Nutshell
Topley has made a good living during his career, but he hasn’t told anyone about it.

The right-handed batsman who bowls left-arm medium-fast has played for several cricket teams, including Essex, Hampshire, Sussex, Melbourne Renegades, and Islamabad United. Also, the athlete is on squad 24 for Surrey and squad 23 for Oval Invincibles at the moment.

Also, he played in his first Twenty20 International game on August 31, 2015, against Australia. In the same way, Reece played his first One Day International match on September 13, 2015, against Australia. Several times, he has taken part in the T20 international and the T20 World Cup.

Reece also wears a jersey with the logo of Castore, a British company that makes sportswear and athletic wear, and sometimes he wears clothes made by Adidas.

Get to know Reece Topley’s Family
Reece comes from an athletic family. His father, Don Topley, was a professional English cricketer who played for Surrey, Norfolk, Griqualand West, and Essex.

Papa Topley was a right-arm medium-fast bowler when he was playing, and from 1990 to 1992 he was an international coach for Zimbabwe. Don was also a master of cricket at Royal Hospital School, where he taught. His son was one of his students.

The former athlete now gives commentary on cricket games in his country and is a frequent speaker at after-dinner events. In the same way, he hosts cricket tours for England fans from other countries.

Reece is the nephew of Peter Topley, who used to play cricket for England
Former English cricketer Peter Topley, who is 72 years old, is the brother of Don Topley and the uncle of Reece Topley. He was a first-class player who batted with his right hand and bowled slowly with his left arm.

The former athlete was born in Canterbury, Kent, on August 29, 1950. His first game for Kent was against Warwickshire at Hesketh Park, Dartford, in the 1972 County Championship.

Peter played in seventeen first-class games for the county. His last game was in the 1975 County Championship against Middlesex. In the same way, the former cricket player played in three List A games for Kent against Glamorgan, Derbyshire, and Worcestershire (1975). After he stopped playing cricket, he taught people how to drive in Canterbury.

Quick Facts:
Full Name Reece James William Topley
Date of birth 21st February 1994
Birthplace Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Parents Don Topley
Height 6 feet and 7 inches
Ex Wife Elina Svitolina