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Pregnancy Announcement in Pictures as Faith Nketsi and Husband Nzuzo Njilo Announce First Baby




Pregnancy Announcement in Pictures as Faith Nketsi and Husband Nzuzo Njilo Announce First Baby

After keeping her pregnancy a secret for nine months, reality TV personality and model Faith Nketsi shocked the world by eventually announcing it.

Since early April of this year, there have been reports about Nketsi being pregnant. However, she denied such rumors, saying that she had just put on weight.

Faith Nketsi and her husband Nzuzo Njilo are expecting a child.
Yes, South African reality TV actress and model Faith Nketsi is expecting a child with her spouse Nzuzo Njilo. The couple gave birth to their first child today, August 15.


The reality TV actress and South African model announced on Instagram that she had been nine months pregnant with her first kid and expressed her gratitude for her small family. In a photo from her maternity session, Nketsi is seen embracing her enormous belly and writing,

“There has been nothing but great over the last nine months. I’m really excited to tell you guys about my trip. To our adorable child: You symbolize love, and I will give all of myself to you in an effort to be the best mother I can be.”

The model posted a snapshot of herself cuddling her newborn child on Instagram Stories an hour after sharing the image announcing her pregnancy.

Model Faith Nketsi recently shared photos of her growing pregnant bump just before giving birth to her first kid and welcoming her new child into the world.

The model eventually acknowledged her pregnancy, seeking to be more transparent about her nine-month journey, after refuting all the pregnancy rumors that circulated online.

Her pregnant experience is undoubtedly a part of her reality program Have Faith, which is why she kept it a secret from everyone for so long.

While the majority of her comments have been congrats on her new baby, some people compliment her group for being loyal and trustworthy enough to keep her pregnancy a secret. The celebrity is ecstatic about her group of reliable friends.

Details of Married Life with Husband Nzuzo Njilo
Faith Nketsi wed Nzuzo Njilo on April 10, 2022, and has frequently shown her appreciation for him. Her wealthy businessman spouse provides her with assistance during their happy marriage.

As many internet users thought, the couple was already expecting their first child when they were married. Nketsi expressed her love for her spouse by posting a photo of herself on social media in her wedding attire just one day after their nuptials.

The pair appears to be in love with one another, and the news of the birth of their first child, which is expanding their small family, could not have made the new parents any happier.