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Police officer, Aliyu Giwa, shares stunning story of how an individual tried to frame his private pal as a Yahooboy, purchased the police to arrest the pal after which acquired right here on-line to accuse the police of extortion



Former deputy spokesperson of the Lagos state police command, Aliyu Giwa, has shared the stunning story of how an individual tried to frame his pal as a Yahoo boy and as well as purchased the police involved.


Giwa said he was nonetheless a deputy PRO in Lagos when the incident occurred. Primarily based on him, the ”faux pal” had taken to social media to accuse the police of extorting his US returnee pal of N300, 000.

Giwa said it was later discovered that it was the one who had written a petition to the police, alleging that his pal was a fraudster, and acquired the police to arrest him. He said the difficulty started when the said man felt the police cheated him inside the ”N300, 000″ his pal paid for his launch and took to social media to spice up an alarm.


Study the stunning story beneath

”It is normally anticipated that buddies cherish each other’s targets and aspirations. Nonetheless some buddies are enemies inside.

I’ve a story, nonetheless sooner than I proceed, I need to emphatically state that the motive for sharing these tales is to make it possible for my readers be taught from others experiences and by no means fall into the an identical ditch others have ignorantly fallen into before now.

The story went viral on SM sometime previously. It was reported that; “Cops arrested Mr.A for no good motive and extorted money from him inside the sum of 300k.”

Learning about this, I despatched a personal therapeutic therapeutic massage to the weblog that posted it requesting for the contact of the complainant. Enough I purchased a reply.

I was despatched the cope with & electronic message of the person that made the thread. So I reached out to him. My message him was – “Sir I seen ur publish, pls can u kindly inform me what occurred”

And his reply was “Two days previously my pal was crushed mercilessly, because of he refused to regulate to them and was taken to the Police station and on attending to the said Police station that they had been educated that there was a petition in the direction of his pal. So I requested him who wrote the petition in the direction of his pal and what was his offense?”

His response was that the police refused to point them the petition and that they solely suggested them that he was involved in some sort of fruad that was value about 25k {{dollars}}”

Whereas I was chatting with the person who despatched the publish to the Weblog, any individual merely despatched me a direct message “Good morning Sir, I am Mr.A.”

I am the person that was arrested by your males, I learnt that u had been trying to get in-touch with me. Immediately I purchased that, I switched to Mr.A. I replied him “Oh good sir, so sorry about that ugly incident, pls what truly occurred?”

His response was “Sir thanks for reaching out and God bless you. To start with, it wasn’t 300k they collected from me it was 100k they collected, and sincerely there was a petition filed in the direction of me, nonetheless it was an outdated case which I had already settled whereas I was inside the USA. It was a few transaction my pal requested me to help him with, which later turned additional like a fraud from my end inside the State(USA). My account ws blocked & all.

To cut the prolonged story fast.

I replied him “Pls meet me on the station tomorrow, so we are going to trash points out”

Fast forward the next day.

Mr.A often called me, saying “Pls sir I wouldn’t be able to make it proper this second. Nevertheless will try come the subsequent day, which I didn’t object to. Nevertheless I proceeded to satisfy with the Officer in Value of the division that arrested Mr.A.

I purchased there and the subsequent conversations ensued;

Me: Good monring sir (Saluted and banged my foot).

Oc: How’re doing Giwa! Deputy PPRO!

Me: prime quality sir, i merely have one small problem that I wish to entice ur consideration to.

Oc: what occurred Giwa?

Me: it’s a few case and it has gone viral on SM.

Oc: Okay!

Me: Oga, a number of of ur males arrested one man (Mr.A). Primarily based on the report they collected the sum of 300k from him & rough-handled him mercilessly.

Oc: Giwa Pls did he let you realize the determine of the IPO?

Me: Certain Sir, IPO Z is the determine he talked about.

Immediately the OC often called the IPO by the use of his phone.

Oc: please come meet me in my office.

IPO acquired right here in.

IPO: Good monring sir!!

Oc: Certain! What’s good regarding the morning? Which case are you coping with that you just simply collected 300k from the suspect?

IPO: I am not coping with any case like that Sir. (Making an attempt all scared)

Oc: Okay!! identify me your whole workers members now!!!

So the IPO often called his workers members.

The Oc requested them who’s in all probability probably the most senior officer amongst them?

Most likely probably the most senior officer (Inspector) answered!

Then the OC requested: which case are you doing? And which one did you collect 300k from the suspect?

Inspr: we didn’t collect 300k from any suspect. Don’t know what you are talking about Sir.

The OC merely confronted me and he said; Giwa please identify the criticism of the case.

Me: He said he can’t make it proper this second. Nevertheless shall be accessible tomorrow by God grace.

Oc: Okay then,when he’s spherical carry him straight to my office.I’ll completely care for these males! I don’t accept all these uncivilized act proper right here.

Later that day my phone rang! Enough Mr.A is asking….

Me:Howdy Sir

Mr.A:Howdy Sir, how’re u doing? So sorry I couldn’t make it proper this second

Me: Oh it’s no downside Bro! I truly understand.

Mr.A: Sir, I am frightened of coming because of my pal said I shouldn’t come.

Me: why please?

Mr.A: I don’t truly know why he retains insisting i shouldn’t come. That they will change the story on me and blah blah!

Me: Pls don’t ideas him. Merely come & let see the officer answerable for the division. You’re prime quality my brother. We’ll’t let this go. If we preserve avoiding such, perception me the system will solely worsen. And having an unimaginable policing system in our nation is a collective effort. After the 22mins dialog, he agreed to return spherical with out his pal (the person who posted the story on SM).

The following day, the person acquired right here spherical collectively along with his face swollen and bruises all through him. Tbh, I felt horrible after I seen it. So I took him straight to the OC’s office.

Me: Good monring sir (saluted and banged my foot)

Oc: Giwa how are u and the place is the person?

Me: proper right here’s the person Sir!

Mr.A: Good morning Sir.

Oc: How’re u doing my brother! What occurred to ur face? That was the primary question the OC requested.

Mr.A: I was crushed.

Oc: by who?? (Angrily)

Mr.A: by the regulation enforcement officers that arrested me 2 days previously

Oc: who & wats the determine of the officer?

Mr.A: IPO Z!

Oc: ah! Nevertheless Giwa u had been proper right here yesterday when he denied to have such case.

Me: Certain Sir!

Oc: These males are horrible set of people.

Prolonged story fast!

He often called the IPO & his workers they normally couldn’t deny understanding him…

after an excessive amount of focus on, unexpectedly they started begging!

Oc: identify me the SO (Station officer)!

SO: Sir, u despatched for me!

OC: put them in cell and later take them to provost.

Oc: wait oh! what regarding the money y’all collect?

Inspr: its 100k he gave us, not 300k.

OC: U didn’t merely collect money! You robbed him!

OC: I wouldn’t take that!! On no account!! I will guarantee y’all face the disciplinary board!

They started begging the person

Prolonged story fast!

Oc: the place is the petition of Mr.A case, that you just’re engaged on?

IPO: let me go carry it!

He launched the Petition after like 35mins!


Oc: why did it take you that prolonged?

IPO: The place I saved it was locked, that’s why Sir.

Oc collected the petition and browse it out!l and talked concerning the determine of the petitioner (The one which wrote the petition in the direction of him). When the OC talked concerning the determine of the petitioner! Omo! Na so Mr.A screamed! Oga that’s my pal who posted the story on SM! Hmmmmm!

Then the IPO opened up! Quite a bit points truly!

Wouldn’t be able to say all of it on proper right here! Will merely state few.

The pal suggested the Officers that the person is a GeeBoy(yahoo yahoo) and when he shall be coming to Nigeria. When Mr.A arrived Nigeria,he took his buddies out,lodge them in a Lodge & they cruised spherical city! (Omo the pal suggested the IPO each little factor). He suggested the police that he merely bought his mother a automotive and particulars of Mr.A account steadiness self. He was the one which despatched a textual content material to the Police males that that they had been in a spot and had been about to leav and that was the day he was arrested.

Now that’s the place wahala dey!

The Pal wanted a share from the money Police collected from Mr.A! So he thought they collected 300k. The Pal even launched a Solicitor to barter the phrases and conditions of his bail. Primarily based on Mr.A, the solicitor in some unspecified time sooner or later was asking for 1million Naira for his suppliers! At the moment he said “I suspected some irregularities.” So he decided to call one in every of his uncles who spoke to some Policemen at that dept. That was after they agreed to easily settle for the 100k. Mr.A moreover said “my pal saved asking him ‘how loads dem collect for ur hand?’ That’s after I suggested him 300k!

Abeg prolonged story fast!

The three Policemen had been detained for 3 weeks, confronted disciplinary committee and had been DEMOTED. Mr.A’s pal was arrested & charged to courtroom for False data. The daddy or mom of Mr.A’s pal wanted to settle the matter out of courtroom. The truth is now we’ve executed our job & it has been charged to courtroom. We not have a say on that.

My people one issue all of us should know is….. “On no account be an insincere pal, in no way be manipulative, in some unspecified time in the future u shall be discovered & lose each little factor”

Police officer, Aliyu Giwa, shares shocking story of how a man tried to frame his own friend as a Yahooboy, got the police to arrest the friend and then came online to accuse the police of extortion