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Paco Rabanne Parents: Who Are Paco Rabanne Parents?




Paco Rabanne Parents: Who Are Paco Rabanne Parents?: Paco Rabanne, officially known as Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo was a French-Spanish fashion designer.

He was born on 18 February 1934 in Pasaia, Gipuzkoa, Spain. Growing up, he became an architecture student at l’École Nationale des Beaux-Arts, where he earned money drawing fashion sketches.+

After a short period of working in the construction industry with a concrete manufacturer, he started his career in fashion by creating jewelry for Givenchy, Dior, and Balenciaga.

In 1966, he started his own eponymous fashion house ‘Paco Rabanne’ and was known for the use of unconventional materials such as metal, paper, and plastic for his metal couture and outlandish and flamboyant designs.

His innovations extended to every aspect of his business. In 1968, he signed a deal with the Catalonia-based Puig family, who were heavyweights in the fashion and fragrance industry.

The deal marked his entrance into the perfume industry, which would eventually become synonymous with his name. He was one of the first fragrance designers to launch one of his products online in the mid-1990s.

His debut fragrance, Calandre, is still available today, while Lady Million – known for its colorful gold bottles – maintains its grip over the market.

As an author, in 1999, he predicted in his book; ‘Fire From Heaven’ that Paris would be destroyed later that year when the Russian space station Mir crashed down to Earth.

That same year (1999), after decades as one of the industry’s foremost innovators, he retired from fashion, and for close to 24 years, he was hardly seen in the public domain. He died on Friday, January 3, 2023, at the age of 88.

Paco Rabanne died on Friday, January 3, 2023, at the age of 88 in Portsall, France. His death was confirmed by the Spanish group Puig, which controls the Paco Rabanne fashion house and fragrance business.

In a statement on Paco Rabanne’s official Instagram, the brand hailed him as a “visionary” and said he was “among the most seminal fashion figures of the 20th Century”.

However, at the time of this writing, Paco Rabanne’s cause of death had not yet been disclosed.

Paco Rabanne Parents: Who Are Paco Rabanne Parents?

Paco Rabanne was born in Pasaia, Gipuzkoa, Spain. Paco Rabanne’s parent’s identity was not available at the time of this report.

However, his father was a colonel in the Republican military, who was executed by Gen Francisco Franco’s nationalist forces in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War.

His mother worked as a seamstress for the designer Cristobal Balenciaga’s first couture house in Donostia, Basque Country but moved the family to Paris in 1939 due to the Spanish Civil War.