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Northerners Won’t Vote Peter Obi For President Because Of Biafra Agitations In South-East – Kwankwaso




According to Kwankwaso during an interview on Channels TV on Sunday, monitored by SaharaReporters, the northern electorate believes in one Nigeria and will always vote for northern presidential candidates.

Kwankawso said, “Unfortunately, there are many issues in the South-East, and a northern voter is the worst-hit in this issue of maladministration in this country.

“But even under that circumstance, a northern voter also believes that he is better with one united Nigeria.

“Therefore, most of the things that are happening in the South, especially in the South-East; people are not comfortable with that and as long as you have somebody from there (South-East) in any party, it will be very difficult for the northern voters to vote, and that’s the situation now.”

“And those workers who are against in the actual sense working against LP, South-East and so on, what they believe is if you put anybody under this arrangement from that side of the country, the northern voters will not vote and who will they vote? Their own candidate in the north,” he added.

He also said the only option left for Obi to get votes in the North is to accept to become his running mate.

“What I am telling you is that if anybody from the South-East now, under this circumstance, becomes the presidential candidate of our party or any other party, the implication is that because of the activities and other issues that are really on the ground, northern voters will certainly go for their northern candidate and another party.

“So, the thinking is not whether I like it or I don’t, the fact remains that everybody will lose.

“He [Obi] will lose and I will lose.

“As long as you want the votes from the North, that’s the situation, unfortunately, today,” he said.