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Nigerian Businessman Sadly Killed By A Drunk Driver As He Tried To Help A Stranded Man In The US



In a sad report, a Nigerian businessman has been killed in the United States of America.
This man died at the hands of a tow truck driver in Sacramento, California. Per what we gathered, he was a father of three.

His wife is also a Nigerian who is identified as Ogechi Ugorji, and according to her, her husband was a very loving husband and father.

The name of the businessman is Obinna Ugorji and in a report made by the CBS Sacramento, his wife said;

“His kids miss him so much.”

The businessman was the owner of a company that included a towing operation and prior to his unfortunate death, he was on what would have been one of his last calls of the night Saturday when he helped a stranded driver and was hit and killed outside his tow truck on Interstate 5 near Seamus Avenue.

The driver who hit the businessman, Larry Godbold has been arrested, and currently, he is facing DUI and gross vehicular manslaughter charges.

Reacting to this, Obinna’s brother said;

“Driving under the influence needs to stop. A lot of lives, too many lives, have been lost.”