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Meet The Cast From Hallmark’s The Gift Of Peace 2022




The cast of The Gift of Peace features a number of well-known actors, such as Nikki DeLoach and Brennan Elliott. The faith-based DaySpring brand owned by Hallmark is called “The Gift of Peace.”

Nikki Deloach portrays Traci, a devoted Christian who, despite her prayers, loses her trust in God after her husband passes away in a sad accident in spite of her best efforts. Traci is the protagonist of the film.

As the second Christmas approaches without him, she decides to enrol in a grief support group in order to find solace and motivation there. She moves to a new neighbourhood and finds that it brings her new friends, as well as inspiration, hope, and a sense of serenity.

the gift of peace hallmark movie

The Gift of Peace Hallmark Movie Cast List

The following actors and actresses have been cast in the upcoming Hallmark movie “The Gift of Peace,” and they all bring a lot of experience and skill to their roles:

Nikki DeLoach as Traci

Nikki DeLoach

Nikki DeLoach

Since 1993, the stunning and brilliant Nikki, whose real name is Ashlee Nicole DeLoach, has been working as an actor in several American television shows and Hallmark TV movies.

The Waycross, Georgia native actress started her career in the performing profession in 1993. Her hometown is in the state of Georgia. The current degree of popularity that DeLoach enjoys is the culmination of a long and winding road. She rose to prominence in 2010 thanks to her lauded performance in the film “Love and Other Drugs,” in which she played the character “Christy.”

In addition, she appeared in the television series “Emerald Cove” and the sequel to Sandra Bullock’s suspense film “The Net,” “Net 2.0,” alongside some of her fellow Mouseketeers.

Both “North Shore” and “Windfall” on Fox were television programmes in which DeLoach starred as the main character. In addition, she has appeared in cameo roles in the episodes of “Grounded for Life,” “Walker: Texas Ranger,” “Cold Case,” and “CSI: NY.” In addition, she played the role of Lacey Hamilton, the mother of Jenna Hamilton, the main character on the MTV comedy “Awkward.”

Brennan Elliott as Michael

Brennan Elliott

Brennan Elliott

Brennan Elliott is a well-known Canadian actor who rose to prominence for his role as Dr. Nick Biancavilla in the Lifetime Network’s critically acclaimed medical drama “Strong Medicine.”

Additionally, he is famous for his recurring roles in the television shows “Cedar Cove,” “The 4400,” and “UnREAL.” In addition, the actor made cameo appearances in the films “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” (2014) and “Curse of Chucky” (2014), both of which were released in 2014.

Among his numerous acting credits, he has guest-starred on episodes of popular American television series such as “Monk,” “House M.D.,” “Criminal Minds,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Cold Case,” “What About Brian,” “Castle,” and “Desperate Housewives.”

It is interesting to note that Elliott received his education at the illustrious Juilliard School in New York City. This institution is home to the Actors Studio. As was the case with many early pioneers in his area, he endured hardships before achieving fame. The talented actor needed to supplement the income he made from his acting profession by working as a waiter at a restaurant. This allowed him to make enough money from his performing career to support himself.

Princess Davis as Regina

Princess Davis

Princess Davis is an actress who was born in Toronto, Ontario, but raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. Princess Davis was reared in Vancouver, British Columbia. She was only three years old when she came to the realisation that she had a passion for acting and when she started working hard on perfecting her trade.

On the show “The Four Fathers,” she plays a supporting lead character with some leading responsibilities (2022). In addition to her recurring parts in the well-known episode of “Yellowjackets” that will air on Showtime in 2021 and the episode of “Cut, Color, Murder” that will air on the Hallmark Channel in 2022, the actress will also play a significant part in the episode of “Imperfect High” that will air on Lifetime in 2021.

Davis undertakes voice work in addition to her work in front of the camera, and she plays the character of Blackwidow in “Marvel’s Battleworld: Treachery at Twilight” (2021). In addition to that, she has roles in the films “Molly of Denali” (2021) and “Polly Pocket” (2022).

Brittany Mitchell as Melody

Brittany Mitchell

Brittany Mitchell is an American actress who has established a name for herself by mesmerising viewers with her outstanding performance in a variety of film and television roles.

Her roles in films such as “Somewhere Between,” “Salvation,” and “Altered Carbon” have brought her a lot of attention (2018). (2017).

She didn’t start being active in her employment until she took a vacation from the television series “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce,” according to the information on her IMDB page, which states that she began her career in 2011. Since then, she has been in a number of movies and television shows, which has helped her build a considerable following and gain critical acclaim.

Other Cast Members Include

Gary Fremont portrayed by Pete Graham
Shiraine Haas will play the role of Katherine.
Fred Gerber
Tyler Straessle
She is Cindy O’Connor.

Meet The Cast From Hallmark’s The Gift Of Peace 2022

Meet The Cast From Hallmark’s The Gift Of Peace 2022

Nikki DeLoach and Brennan Elliott are just two of the people in the cast of Endowment of Harmony. The DaySpring religious brand from Hallmark is called “The Endowment of Harmony.”

The movie is about Traci, who is played by Nikki Deloach and is a sincere Christian who loses faith in God when her husband dies in spite of her prayers.

As this is her second Christmas without him, she joins a group for people in pain to find comfort and inspiration. In the new area, she makes new friends and finds motivation, trust, and peace and quiet. The Present of Peace List of People in Hallmark Movies The following people in the cast of the upcoming Hallmark movie “The Endowment of Harmony” are skilled and capable:

Nikki DeLoach as Traci Nikki DeLoach, whose real name is Ashlee Nicole DeLoach, is a funny and talented performer who has been on American TV shows and Hallmark movies since 1993. The performer is from Waycross, Georgia, and has been in the business of putting on shows since about 1993. DeLoach has done a lot to reach the level of notoriety she has now. In 2010, she became known for her performance as “Christy” in the movie “Love and Different Medications.”

In the TV show “Emerald Bay” and the sequel to Sandra Bullock’s thriller “The Net,” “Net 2.0,” she played close to some of her fellow Mouseketeers. In the Fox TV shows “North Shore” and “Bonus,” DeLoach played the main role. She has also been on TV shows like “Grounded for Life,” “Walker: Texas Officer,” “Cold Case,” and “CSI: NY.” In the same way, she played Lacey Hamilton, the mother of the show’s main character, Jenna Hamilton, on MTV’s “Abnormal.” Brennan Elliott, whose real name is Michael Brennan Elliott, is a famous Canadian actor who is best known for playing Dr. Nick Biancavilla in the hit clinical show “Solid Medication” on the Lifetime Organization.

In the same way, his roles in “Cedar Bay,” “The 4400,” and “Unbelievable” are known for being the same. The actor also made cameos in the 2014 movies “Night at the Gallery: Mystery of the Burial Chamber” and “Revile of Chucky,” both of which were full of blood and gore.

He has been in episodes of American network shows like “Priest,” “House M.D.,” “Criminal Personalities,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Cold Case,” “What Might Be Said About Brian,” “Palace,” and “Frantic Housewives.”

Elliott went to the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City, where the Entertainers Studio is located. He went through a lot before he became well-known, just like other newcomers to the field.

So that he could make enough money from acting, the skilled performer also worked as a server in a café to make just enough money to get by. Regina as Princess Davis Princess Davis is a performer who was born in Toronto, Ontario, and grew up in Vancouver, English Columbia. When she was three, she realised she had a knack for acting and started working hard at her specialty.

She should be seen on “The Four Dads,” where she has a supporting lead role (2022). Along with her recurring roles in the famous “Yellowjackets” episode of Kickoff in 2021 and “Cut, Variety, Murder” on the Hallmark Channel in 2022, the actress also plays a big part in “Defective High” on Lifetime in 2021.

Davis acts in front of the camera and does voice work. In “Wonder’s Battleworld: Foul Play at Dusk,” she plays the part of Blackwidow (2021). She is also in “Polly Pocket” and “Molly of Denali,” both coming out in 2021. (2022). Brittany Mitchell in Tune Brittany Mitchell is an American performer who has become famous for how well she acts in movies and TV shows.

The upcoming Hallmark Channel film The Gift of Peace is scheduled to debut on December 10th

The Gift Of Peace Hallmark Release Date and Release Time

The movie “The Gift of Peace” comes out on December 10 at 10 p.m. EST, and a sneak peek video has just been released.

Fred Gerber is in charge of making the movie, and leading actresses like Nikki Deloach, Brennan Elliott, and Princess Davis are all very good.

After her husband dies, Traci, the main character, is going through a hard time. She used to love Christina, but on her second Christmas without her husband, she loses faith.

In the movie, she joins a grief support group during the holidays to get comfort and ideas. The movie shows how she finds hope, peace, inspiration, and new friends on her journey.

Also, “The Gift of Peace” was written by Mike Grimm and Tyler Strassle.