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Meet Kiah Stokes’s Parents Julie (Mother) & Father Greg On Instagram



Kiah Stokes, who is from the United States and plays basketball professionally for the Las Vegas Aces, is the daughter of Greg and Julie Stokes.

Coach Becky Hammon shook things up during her team’s matchup against the Phoenix Mercury by rearranging her starting lineup and inserting centre Kiah Stokes in place of All-Star Dearica Hamby. The result was an exciting and competitive game. Her presence was apparent, and the coach quickly realised that it was a change that the team desperately required.

They have already won five games in a row, including both of their matches against the Seattle Storm, thanks to the bet, which turned out to be fruitful. At Michelob Ultra Arena, they took down the No. 8 Phoenix Mercury with a score of 79-63, which did not come as a surprise to anyone.

In the meantime, the talented athlete Stokes racked up an incredible eight points, thirteen rebounds, and three blocks in only a quarter of an hour of play. When asked about her unexpected rise to the top of the rankings, she maintained her modesty and gave her trainer all of the credit, saying that all she did was follow her trainer’s instructions and do what she was told to do. Following the match against the Mercury that was set to take place at Michelob Ultra Arena on Saturday evening, the team advanced to the semifinals of the WNBA thanks to the play.

However, her ascent to the top was not an instantaneous event but rather a slow ascent as the erstwhile Connecticut centre established a place for themselves.

Kiah Irene Stokes

A Few Quick Facts:

Full Name Kiah Irene Stokes
Age 29 years
Born March 30, 1993
Nationality American / Turkish
Father Greg Stokes
Mother Julie Saddler
Brother Darius

Who Are Greg & Julie Stokes? Kiah Stokes Parents

Kiah Stokes, an athlete who is 29 years old, is the daughter of Greg Stokes, who played basketball in the past, and his wife, Julie Stokes.

Fans who have followed sports for a long time may recall him as the 6’10” forward who was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1985 NBA draught. At the time of his selection, he had recently graduated from the University of Iowa. He continued to play in the NBA for a total of two seasons, the second of which was spent with the Sacramento Kings, for whom he appeared in 42 games and amassed approximately 130 points.

After his playing career in the NBA was over, he went on to represent Italy and Australia in national competitions, but he quickly disappeared from public view after that. Their shared commitment to the sport forged an unbreakable tie between them when he noticed that she approached him with inquiries about her education regarding the sport.

In addition, as she formulated her goals after observing her professional father play, she realised that few were better than her father.

However, she did not only receive paternal affection from one person but from two because her coach Storrs played a significant role in the development of her career. The males had a significant influence on her life as a result of the fact that they taught her to develop thick skin. The trainer probed her for a response in the hopes of preparing her for competition on a more serious level. It was up to him to determine what drove her to put in additional effort toward the accomplishment of their common objective.

In the meantime, her father was attempting to calm her down by telling her a tale about how he and his coach had a disagreement since there was a clear communication gap between them.

Indeed, it became a source of irritation for her to be subjected to the same demands from her trainer again and over again since she was unable to comprehend what was wrong with her demeanour. His lessons went beyond the basketball court, as he observed firsthand how children lacked presence when they were not wearing their uniforms, and he used those observations to his teachings. He desired for this student to develop into a complete player and a character with a high level of competence.

On the other side, while her mother may not be as committed in her job as she is, she has been an excellent source of motivation and a role model for her. She had accomplished all of the goals she had set for herself during her life, and her daughter longed to be exactly like her.

Which race does Kiah Stokes belong to? Does She Have Any Brothers or Sisters?

Kiah Irene Stokes is Darius Stokes’ younger sister, and she was born and raised in Iowa. Along the same lines as she, he has an impressive resume thanks to the fact that he played college basketball for the University of Iowa and earned a degree in Health and Human Physiology.

They were both competing in a game on the same Saturday night in 2014, which brought their professional careers into contact with one another. Due to the fact that she went first, he was able to see the first half of the game before being called to the FDU’s pregame dinner.

After she had finished, she joined her parents in the grandstand to watch her siblings compete in their last year of eligibility for school athletics.

She came from a long line of sportspeople, so she had an early inkling that she, too, would pursue a career in the athletic world. When they were younger, she and her brother would compete in ball games in their respective backyards and give one other compliments.

Aside from that, her high school years at Linn-Mar were uneventful, and her couch did not observe any problems with her gameplay at any point. However, there was a lack of desire because the top player had very little competition. This was a problem.

At the collegiate level, however, things were different since her trainer insisted that she needed to put in more effort because her teammate did not appreciate her when she was playing the game. While maintaining a career as a full-time athlete, she has maintained an impeccable academic record with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

Despite the fact that her previous coach had not been successful in getting her to realise her full potential, Auriemma is still optimistic after observing her tremendous back shoots, defence, and rebounding.

Her friends often remark on how sweet she is, despite the fact that she is extremely hard-working in her academic pursuits. Others referred to her as the “face” of the programme because it was almost guaranteed that she would be drafted into the WNBA.

Meet WNBA Kiah Stokes On Instagram

Kiah Stokes, a player for the WNBA, uses the handle kstokes41 on Instagram, where her verified account has 40,000 followers, and she uses the platform to express her vigour and her story.

As she has not yet disclosed any information regarding her romantic life, she spends the most of her time with her close friends and family. She was able to gain monetary sums by endorsing protein goods such as Zhou Nutrition, which were supported in obtaining by the hundreds of individuals that attended her expense.

Her enormous popularity is due to the fact that she has put in a lot of effort over the course of many years in order to become the leader of the group she is a part of. She had a total of three years of collegiate playing experience prior to being selected 11th overall by the New York Liberty in the draught in 2015.

As a result of her mother’s Turkish ancestry, she is currently playing centre for the Las Vegas Aces and is a member of the Turkish Super League.

She led the University of Connecticut to three consecutive national titles before being selected in the draught, and in her last season she averaged 4.5 points per game.

In addition, her extraordinary life narrative was presented in the form of a video podcast called Hangtime, which made history as the first podcast ever hosted by a WNBA player.

College career

Freshman year

In her 13.4 minutes per game as a freshman, Stokes averaged 4.5 points and 4.5 rebounds. Stokes averaged 1.4 denials per game and finished second on the team in blocks. In 13 of the Huskies’ 38 games, she had the most blocks. Stokes had a field goal percentage of 60% and a free throw percentage of 65.3%. Her colleague Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis and she were both selected to the All-BIG EAST Rookie Team.

the second year

In her first career start, Kiah Stokes rises to secure the tip-off in the matchup with St. Johns. 2013
Assisted Connecticut achieve a 35-4 record and the 2013 NCAA National Championship as a sophomore in 2012–13. Stokes played in 32 games, logging 10.7 minutes per game and averaging 2.8 points and 3.5 rebounds. She was third on the team in blocks with 39, shot effectively (.660) 35-53 from the floor, distributed 21 assists, and forced 20 turnovers. In 17 games, Stokes clocked double-digit minutes.

Sophomore year

Stokes assisted in guiding her side to the 2014 National Championship and a 40-0 season of unbeaten play. Stokes played only 18.5 minutes per game but started two out of 39 games, averaging 4.5 points and third on the team with 7.1 rebounds. She had double-digit rebounds on eight occasions and four double-doubles, compared to only one in her previous two years. Throughout the season, she had seven or more rebounds 21 times.

Kiah Irene Stokes


What Is Kiah Stokes salary?

  • Kiah Stokes’s salary is $115,000.

Is Kiah Stokes married?

  • Kiah Stokes is not married.

Who is Kiah Stokes’s mother?

  • Kiah Stokes’s mother is Julie Saddler.

Is Kiah Stokes On Instagram?

  • Kiah Stokes (@kstokes41) • Instagram photos and videos.