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Mariana Vishegirskaya: Pregnant Ukrainian Blogger Gives Birth After Being Accused By Russia For Faking Pregnancy



Mariana Vishegirskaya

A pregnant blogger caught in an airstrike in a Ukrainian hospital and publicly accused by Russia of faking her injuries have given birth to her baby.

The woman whose name is Mariana Vishegirskaya was among the women at the Mariupol maternity hospital that was bombed by the Russian troops. After this, she survived the shelling and delivered a baby girl in another hospital on Friday, March 11.


The Russian embassy accused Mariana Vishegirskaya of having applied fake blood and dirt to herself for a staged photograph. She was since targetted by online bullies with people accusing her of getting paid for the photoshoot.

However, a few days after this incident, she has reportedly given birth to her child, a baby girl named, Veronika which indicated that she was not faking her pregnancy.