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Man who killed wife just DAYS after wedding and stuffed her in a suitcase found guilty of murder



In West Yorkshire, England, Thomas Nutt, 45, was convicted guilty of killing his 52-year-old wife, Dawn Walker. Nutt was accused of killing Walker on October 27, 2021, four days after their wedding, and concealing her body in a cabinet before packing it into a bag. The body was later abandoned in the bushes behind their house.

The police informed the jury that although Nutt did not testify during the opening phase of the trial, he did confess to killing his wife. The murderer also claimed that when he killed her, he had no intention of seriously harming the victim. Walker’s legs were damaged, and it was discovered during the trial that her right leg had been twisted. Her face was directed at the suitcase’s wheels as the torso was hunched over. The jury deliberated for three hours before finding him guilty of murder, according to a Daily Mail story.

Dr. Kirsten Hope, a forensic pathologist, claimed to have received Walker’s body in a black wheeled suitcase. Nutt claimed he attacked her during the interview because she told him she wanted a divorce. Walker also cautioned him against being unjustly accused of rape. It is frequently stated that a person’s wedding day and the time immediately following it are among their finest moments in life, the prosecution Alistair MacDonald QC observed to the jury at the commencement of the trial. This was not the case with Walker, according to Mac Donald, who noted that Walker’s body was discovered four days after her marriage, tucked inside a suitcase and discarded in some underbrush in a field behind the defendant’s home. The police were notified by Nutt on October 31 that his wife had vanished after leaving their Shirley Grove house, MacDonald testified in court. “He knew perfectly well that her body was lying dead in a cupboard at the marital residence,” the prosecution claimed.

In addition, the prosecutors showed CCTV footage of Nutt bringing a sizable bag from his home to some adjacent bushes just before the police showed up to look into Walker’s disappearance. Before the murder, Nutt and Walker were in Skegness for a two-day caravan honeymoon. In testimony, Nutt stated: “When we went back, she admitted to having bipolar disorder, was despondent, and wanted a divorce. She once placed me in jail, claiming that I had attempted to rape and abuse her. that she would repeat the action. I struck her in the face and placed my arm around her neck after she started screaming.”

The prosecutor asserted that the offender would have traveled alone to Skegness. He may have murdered his wife the night of their wedding or the day following, then dumped her body inside the house. The prosecutor referred to Nutt’s actions as a “ghastly charade” for informing Walker’s daughter that she was gone and launching a search. Despite being married for many years, the couple, according to Mac Donald, had a rocky relationship.

A neighbor who was one of the case’s witnesses stated in 2020 that she had seen Walker with a “huge” black eye and facial injuries. The defense attorney said that although the witness had heard arguments taking place inside the home and heard Dawn yelling, “Tommo, get off me,” she had never witnessed the defendant physically assault her. Another neighbor claimed that he had never before heard a woman scream that loudly while he was walking by their house. Walker yelled: “Don’t believe him, he’s lying, he’s trying to kill me,” according to Nutt, who claimed that Walker was experiencing an asthma attack when the neighbor questioned him.

On August 19, Nutt will be sentenced. At the conclusion of the hearing, Judge Jonathan Rose announced that the defendant will likely receive a life sentence, with a minimum period to be determined later. Our immediate thoughts are of course with Dawn’s family who have showed such bravery and fortitude throughout the investigation and trial, said Detective Inspector Amanda Wimbles of the Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, who oversaw the inquiry.