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Man Reportedly K**led By His Wife’s Lesbian Partner After He found them In Bed



Man Reportedly Kled By His Wife’s Lesbian Partner After He found them In Bed

A Nigerian man identified as Ikechukwu Onuma, also known as Ayaya Onye-Obodo has reportedly met his untimely death after he was killed by his wife’s lesbian partner after he walked in on them in bed.

The incident was said to have happened in August 2022 after Ikechukwu walked in on his wife and her lesbian partner in bed and he was stabbed to death.


Reports revealed that the deceased had restrained his wife from having any affair with the suspect and the suspect who had on giving up the relationship always tormented the family,

According to the Nigerian Tribune, the alleged killer enjoyed taking money provided to her lover’s housekeeper to buy things, and on the fateful day, she took money from the housekeeper that was intended for fuel.

Ikechukwu, unable to take the embarrassment, is alleged to have charged to the home of the wife’s lesbian girlfriend and warned her severely. However, she dared him, and when an argument followed, she fatally stabbed him with a knife.

Sources said he was buried on Friday, September 16, in Onitsha, with many members of his cult groups displaying their affection for him.

““It was like a big celebration. I think he is a member of a cult group. His cult members carried his casket on their shoulder from Boromeo Hospital back to his home at Inland town, Onitsha, while the ambulance hired to carry him was driving empty behind them“, a source said.

“His friends were shooting in the air and gyrating. Even the casket in which he was buried was customized with the logo of the cult he belonged.”