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Lincoln Project Co-Founders: Where Are They Now?




Lincoln Project Co-Founders: Where Are They Now?

The Lincoln Project is a Political Action Committee (PAC) comprising a number of well-known Republican strategists and consultants that was established in October 2019 with the sole purpose of preventing Donald Trump from winning the 2020 elections. The group soon established a reputation for being both inventive and vicious thanks to its devastating advertisements against Trump. The Lincoln Project, a documentary on Showtime, focuses on the formation of the committee and how its members raised millions by opposing Trump. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the co-founders, look no further.

Where is John Weaver Now?

Texas-native John Weaver gained notoriety in local politics before serving as John McCain’s senior advisor for a considerable amount of time. John further served as the chief strategist for John Kasich, the former governor of Ohio, during his vain bid for the presidency. The Lincoln Project was eventually co-founded by him and numerous other people, but a scandal later erupted over several false accusations. It was discovered in January 2021 that several young guys, including a 14-year-old, had accused John of sending them unwanted sexual texts.

John allegedly offered to help certain people advance their political careers in exchange for sexual favors. John eventually apologized and admitted that he had mistakenly believed the encounters to be consensual. He also admitted that he is gay. And that I adore my wife and my two children. My inability to combine the two truths is what brought me to this painful situation. Then he left his position with the Lincoln Project. According to what we know, John has subsequently kept a low profile and resides in Texas.

Where is Steve Schmidt Now?
Veteran political strategist Steve Schmidt formerly oversaw John McCain’s presidential campaign. Before that, he served as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign manager for his 2006 re-election campaign. Steve served in the George W. Bush administration in addition to that. But in June 2018, after the Trump administration’s practice of dividing families at the US-Mexico border came to light, he announced his departure from the Republican party. Steve declared his intention to join the Democratic Party in 2020.

However, John’s accusations of sexual harassment against Steve caused a stir. The other leaders later learnt that in June 2020, a worker of a business hired by the Lincoln Project discussed instances of John’s prior behavior in an email. But Steve claimed that none of them were aware of any internal complaints about John’s improper conduct. He left his role with the Lincoln Project in February 2021.

Steve disclosed in a statement that he had experienced sexual abuse as a young child. In order to allow for the selection of a female board member as the first step in reforming and professionalizing the Lincoln Project, Steve announced that he was resigning from his position on the board. He continues to be the Principal of SES Strategies as well. Steve opened a Substack account in 2022. With his ex-wife Angela Schmidt, he is the proud father of three children, and he divides his time between Utah, California, and New York.

Where is Rick Wilson Now?
For many years, Rick Wilson has been a fixture in American politics. He got his start with George H. W. Bush’s 1988 presidential campaign and has since become a significant personality. Along with advertising, Rick has advised numerous other political candidates and clients in the government on strategy. He writes a column for The Daily Beast in addition to being a New York Times bestselling novelist. In addition to contributing to publications including the Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and the New York Daily News, Rick has appeared as an expert on news networks.

Rick has long been opposed to Donald Trump and has worked with the Lincoln Project to stop his 2020 reelection. He and his wife have two children and reside in Tallahassee, Florida. In addition to becoming a pilot, Rick likes to hunt and fish. In response to Trump’s promise to sue the Lincoln Project in September 2022, Rick said, “Go for it! Try it, b****. Attack me. I am eager. The idea that you might try to sue us, Donald, makes us happy.

Where is Jennifer Horn Now?
Before assisting her husband, William “Bill” Horn, with his management consulting business, Jennifer Horn worked for nearly four years in the health insurance industry. After working briefly as a journalist and as an award-winning radio talk show personality, Jennifer later entered the world of politics in New Hampshire. When she was chosen in 2008, she became the first woman to get the Republican Party’s nomination. Jennifer, a longtime opponent of Trump, reached out to Republicans and Independents as part of the Lincoln Project.

However, once John’s allegations went public in the beginning of 2021, Jennifer resigned from the committee. She claimed, “I was shouted at, demeaned, and lied to when I spoke to one of the founders to discuss my complaints and concerns.” The Lincoln Project, on the other hand, released a statement claiming that she was seeking a signing bonus and other benefits. Jennifer had previously defected from the Republican party in December 2020 and afterwards registered as an Independent.

The consultant for strategic communications is currently a board member of contributors for USA Today and a senior practitioner fellow at the University of Chicago Center for Effective Government for 2021. Jennifer and Bill, with whom she has four boys and a stepdaughter, currently reside in a town in New England. The Horns adore their grandchildren and cherish their time together.

Where is Ron Steslow Now?
Ron Steslow has been actively involved in national politics for about twenty years. He joined the Lincoln Project in 2019 after defecting from the Republican Party in 2016. However, controversy quickly developed because Ron was the one who received the email detailing John’s alarming behavior in June 2020. It came from a worker at his business, Tusk. Ron reportedly attempted to force John outside but was unsuccessful.

By the end of 2020, Ron resigned from the committee and moved on to other endeavors. He was listed as one of the Top 40 Under 40 in Government and Politics by Fortune Magazine. With 11 years of ownership experience in the political strategy and marketing solutions company Tusk. Ron is also the creator and host of the podcast Politicology. Ron is active on Twitter and resides in Washington, DC.

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Where is Reed Galen Now?
Political strategist Reed Galen served as Deputy Campaign Manager for both Arnold Schwarzenegger’s re-election campaign and John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2006. He also participated in both of George W. Bush’s presidential campaigns and then worked in the private sector, aside from that. There, Reed provided legal and political advice to a number of well-known corporations.

Early in 2021, it was revealed that Summit Strategic Communications, run by Reed, received around $27 million, or nearly one-third, of the money raised for the Lincoln Project. Additionally, it was claimed that Reed’s Project Yellowstone, a voting instruction program, had a close relationship with the Lincoln Project. This raised the possibility that the committee’s vendors or businesses connected to the leadership were being paid in secret. Reed is still a member of the Lincoln Project board for the time being. He resides in Utah and is the podcast host for the Lincoln Project, as far as we can tell.

Where is Mike Madrid Now?
In 1997, Mike Madrid received his diploma from Georgetown University’s Edmund G. Walsh School of Foreign Service in Washington, DC. Mike has spent his whole professional life developing Latino outreach and communication plans in areas like California, Texas, and Florida, among others. Mike formerly served as the California Republican Party’s Political Director and the Assembly Republican leader’s press secretary. After some internal conflict, Mike quit the Lincoln Project in December 2020.

Mike, Ron, and Jennifer were unaware that Steve, John, Rick, and Reed had reportedly signed a contract with a media outlet. Several co-founders left as a result of the relationships fraying sometime after the 2020 elections. Mike is the Principal of GrassrootsLab, a public relations company with a focus on state and local government, technology, and innovation, and he currently resides in Sacramento, California.

Mike made public his intentions to visit Ukraine in April 2022 after his political consulting firm was contacted to stop the dissemination of false information. According to the Political Consultant, his goal was to persuade at least some Russians that Vladimir Putin wasn’t the best president. Mike also has a podcast where he discusses politics, race, and culture.

Where is George Conway Now?
George Thomas Conway III is an attorney who first backed Donald Trump before coming out strongly against him. Kellyanne Conway, his wife, served as Trump’s campaign manager before transitioning into the position of Senior Counselor to the President. George was one of the Lincoln Project’s founders, but after learning about the accusations against John and how the committee handled them, he said that the project should be abandoned.

George said that he served as an unpaid advisor for the Lincoln Project but had no operational responsibilities. The lawyer appears to reside in Washington, DC and currently works as a contributor for the Washington Post. George stated, “I think he might go to prison, but it is more likely that he would serve home confinement.” This statement was made in reference to Trump’s current legal issues as they relate to the investigation into the Capitol Riot and the handling of secret data. He will probably be found guilty of several offences.