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Lil Meech Height: How Tall Is Lil Meech?




American rapper, Lil Meech a.k.a Demetrius Flenory Jr., is 5 ft 9 inches tall.

Lil Meech was born on April 22, 2000, in Detroit, Michigan.

The 22 year old actor and singer, is facing grand theft and fraud allegations and is at the risk of bagging a 60 years jail time.

What Did Lil Meech Do?

Lil Meech recently committed a grand theft and an alleged fraud.

He had purchased a platinum Rolex, but only paid $80,000, refusing to pay a remaining balance of $200k. Lil Meech went ahead to offer the wristwatch for sale at a different store.

Lil Meech has been arrested by the Police in Miami and is set to face trial.



Who Is Lil Meech ‘s Father Big Meech?

Lil Meech ‘s father, Demetrius Flenory, a.k.a Big Meech, is a drug lord kingpin as far back as the early 2000s.

He has served in jail for 17 years out of a 30 years sentence for charges bordering on cocaine trafficking and money laundering.

The 50 Cent’s BMF series “Black Mafia Family”, is centred on the life of Big Meech and the Black Mafia business.