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Lady reveals what happened after seeing a lady’s underwear in her boyfriend’s room during surprise visit



A young Nigerian lady has said that her boyfriend put her to a test by creating the impression that he was cheating and she passed.

According to the pretty lady, she paid him a surprise visit, and on arrival at his place she saw another lady’s underwear on his bed.


She said he was not around so she waited for him to return before confronting him about it. When he showed up, she questioned him about the underwear and he explained that it was a test.

He told her that he planned to propose, so he dropped the underwear deliberately to find out how she will react in such a situation.

In a video posted online, she was happy that she passed the test and rejoiced over her decision not to react angrily after seeing the underwear on his bed, because he has the intention to propose to her.

Watch her speak HERE