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Lady narrates how her father and step mother sold her off to an old man for N700,000



Lady narrates how her father and step mother sold her off to an old man for N700,000
A lady has shared sad story of how her father and step mother sold her off to an old man for N700,000.

She wrote;

“I lost my mother at the age of 12. My father was still young so he took another wife but I never knew she was going to be the source of my pain.

When she newly came, I tried as much as possible to build a strong relationship with her because I have heard different stories of how step mothers maltreat their step children.

For 3 years, we lived in peace but when I clocked 15 year of age, my step mom brought home an old man, around 50-55 years and boldly said he was my husband.

In shock, I shouted ‘God Forbid’. From nowhere, a hot slap landed on my face, leaving me in tears. To my greatest surprise, my father said to my face that she was right, that it was time for me to leave their home.

But I still refused, and they starved me of food for 2 days.

On the third day, they told me that before I will eat, I must meet with the chief who has invited me to his house for us to get aquatinted. So out of hunger, they gave me his address and I went to his house.

On getting there, his gate was like a prison fence. I went in and saw him at the door waiting for me, so I went in and he offered me food but I refused then he insisted that I should at least take water. As I took the water, I was shocked by how big the building was and why i didn’t know about him since he was in the village with me.

After about 5 mins, I woke up and saw myself tied up in a room wrapped with red material. I immediately knew that I was in danger, then he came in and told me that before I die, I should know that he bought me from my father and stepmom for N700,000. Immediately, tears rolled down eyes, not for my step mom but for my father who allowed his wife to influence him.

But what I didn’t know was that God had other plans for my life. To cut the story short, a man who knew the chief very well, saw me going in and knew what that meant, so while the chief was preparing for my slaughter, the door suddenly burst open and policemen came in. At least that was what I saw before I fell unconscious.

So after I left the hospital that i was admitted to, I didn’t go near my father’s compound, infact I left the village to the city, where I met chidi, a pastor. What made me share this story is that, my father has located my house in the city and is now begging for forgiveness. Me, I don’t want to forgive him but my husband is asking to forgive him.”