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Kelly and John From Bling Empire: Are They Still Together?




Kelly and John From Bling Empire: Are They Still Together?

The hit reality series “Bling Empire” on Netflix focuses on the lives of some of the wealthiest people living in the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California. The show only features cast members that are either of East Asian or South East Asian heritage, and none of them are white. Viewers gain further insight into the personal and professional lives of some of the most well-known individuals associated with the Hollywood area as a result of the events that are portrayed in the series. Fans of the Netflix show now have their fair share of favourite cast members about whose personal lives they cannot help but be intrigued. The show currently has three seasons available. One such star is Kelly Mi Li, whose personal life, especially her romantic life, has long held the audience’s interest. The way in which the show portrays her connection with John has, of course, led many viewers to wonder what became of the two of them after they were shown together. To what extent do they continue to interact with one another, or have they grown apart? So, in that case, the following is everything we know about it

Kelly and John’s Bling Empire Journey

Kelly Mi Li had recently ended her relationship with long-term lover Andrew Gray prior to the commencement of the third season of ‘Bling Empire,’ therefore she was not dating anyone at the moment. Kane Lim created a profile for Kelly on an online dating website, and after telling her about it, he did so with the intention of reintroducing romance into Kelly’s life. Kelly was initially taken aback by what Kane had accomplished, but she ultimately made the decision to forward and give the notion a shot. One of the individuals who had matched with Kelly’s profile whom Kane was pretty thankful of was a guy called John, whom Kelly consented to see. Kane was also quite happy of the fact that John had matched.

Kelly was pleased that John chose to have their first date at a ramen cafe because he had made the decision to go there. The two of them were easily able to carry on a discussion until it was time to pay the bill. At that point, the conversation abruptly ended. When the server placed the bill on the table, Kelly waited for John to reach for it and hand over the money to pay for the meal. Despite this, he did not pay attention to it and did not even attempt to take the bill with his hand. When the waitress came back for a second time to collect payment, Kelly made the decision to pay the bill herself, despite the fact that John had offered to do the same thing.

After a long separation, the couple got back together during Kelly’s unplanned trip to Mexico with Kane. John attempted to get in touch with her while she was vacationing on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, but he discovered that she was out of the country. John was so determined to get another chance to talk to her that he got in touch with Kane to set up a time for Kelly to meet with him. Kelly, who was flattered by John’s love gesture, went on another date with him; nevertheless, the dynamic between them appeared to be a bit unstable, and Kelly appeared to be less than impressed by John’s job prospects. Is it true that the two of them no longer share the same spark, or are they still very much in love with one another? Let’s not waste any time and go to work on finding the answers.

Are Kelly and John Still Together?
No, Kelly and John are not currently dating at the time of this writing. Kelly revealed to her therapist in the third episode of the Netflix show that after their date in Mexico, John did reach out a number of times to meet up with her again. John wanted to see Kelly again after their date in Mexico. Kelly, on the other hand, did not believe that there was any real chemistry between the two of them. She made the decision to get together with John once more and shared her concerns with him. The reality TV actress claimed that she had the opinion that it would be in everyone’s best interest if they did not pursue any kind of romantic relationship.

Kelly elaborated further by saying that she required some additional time to recover from her injuries. She asserted that she was not prepared for a romantic partnership at that point in her life. John communicated his approval of Kelly’s goals and promised that he would be there for her in any capacity that required him to do so in the role of a friend. In addition to this, he stated that if Kelly ever had a change of heart, she knew exactly where to find him. It would appear that Kelly has not progressed any farther in the romantic department and is content to spend her time with her friends and family. We hope that Kelly and John have a fantastic future ahead of them, and we wish them the best in all aspects of their lives.

What happened between Andrew and Kelly?
There was loads of drama between Andrew and Kelly during their relationship, some of which viewers saw first-hand on the show. For example, there was a scene in season one where Kelly was taking a very aggressive phone call from Andrew, whilst she was out shopping with Anna in Paris. Kelly took the call on speakerphone, and Andrew screamed down the phone at her, demanding a yes or no answer to his questioning. If you remember Anna’s iconic line “there ain’t no dick that good” – she was on about Andrew.

Kelly said the Paris incident wasn’t the first time Andrew had treated her this way, and when they fight he normally wanted her to be “stuck in a room with him until we work it out”, sometimes for up to “eight hours”.

Whilst the show was on, Andrew was accused of being abusive towards Kelly, gaslighting her and love-bombing her. All her friends in the cast repeatedly told her they wanted her to break up with him. In season one, a friend of Kelly’s asked her if she was “single yet” and suggested she got with Kevin instead.

We saw Kelly and Andrew go to couples’ therapy together, but Kelly later decided Andrew should move out of her home, and they shouldn’t even be friends moving forward. During the therapy session, Kelly called their relationship “toxic” and said they had fights that “just don’t stop”.

Speaking about scenes that played out on the show, fellow Bling Empire cast members also had a lot to say about Andrew. In a video, Guy Tang said: “With the Kelly and Andrew situation that’s another story which really surprised me. You should never talk to a woman, or anybody, you should never talk to anybody like that, you know, I was really shook.” Whilst Cherie added: “After watching the show, I didn’t know he was like that.” Anna said: “What I heard in Paris, unbelievable.”

Kelly said she didn’t know what gaslighting meant before episodes of the show went live, so she actually looked it up to see what people meant. She said she saw where the audience was coming from, seeing Andrew on Bling Empire as behaving like that towards her. “They saw a period, a really dark period of our relationship. And with Andrew’s behaviour, I don’t excuse it at all and I think it’s 100 per cent wrong,” she said.

Kelly continued: “After filming we took a good I would say five or six month break where we just focused on ourselves.” After they split up for around six months, the couple briefly got back together with Andrew saying at the time they were “stronger and happier than ever”.

For the first season, review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported an approval rating of 90% based on 10 Kevin and Janice From Bling Empire: Are They Still Together?

Reviews with an average rating of 6.7/10. The website’s critics consensus reads, “Bling Empire may be another celebration of lavish wealth, but the focus on an Asian American cast gives this reality program an intriguing layer of cultural celebration.”

Diane Gordon of TV Guide thought the television series was more than the “grotesque opulence” that it depicted, with compelling characters among the cast, some of whom were exploring their identity. Eilidh Hargreaves of The Telegraph found the “epic rivalries”, “ridiculous” problems, wild whims, “self-serving” philosophy of the main characters to be compulsive viewing and “deliciously odious to observe”.

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Kevin Taejin Kreider – Male model born in South Korea but was adopted and raised in Philadelphia. He narrates the series for the audience.
Kane Lim – Real estate developer and investor from Singapore, family interests in real estate, shipping, oil and tankers
Christine Chiu – Philanthropist, couture collector and co-founder of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery inc. In 2021, she competed in the thirtieth season of Dancing with the Stars. She was paired with Pasha Pashkov, they finished in fourteenth place after being eliminated in week 3.
Gabriel Chiu – Plastic surgeon and husband of Christine Chiu. Said to be a 24th direct descendant of the Song emperor.
Kelly Mi Li – Self-made entrepreneur and film producer born in China, who dated actor Andrew Gray in season 1
Anna Shay – Part-Japanese, part-Russian socialite whose fortune comes from selling her father’s company Pacific Architects and Engineers
Cherie Chan – Denim heiress and former singer
Jessey Lee – Family business is in furniture
Kim Lee – DJ and former model, raised by her Vietnamese mother, but searches for her father in season 1
Andrew Gray – Kelly’s boyfriend. Andrew is a model and an actor, who was best known for playing the Red Ranger in the 2013 show
Power Rangers Megaforce.
Jaime Xie – Fashion blogger and daughter of Ken Xie
Guy Tang – Hairdresser and singer-songwriter
Mimi Morris (season 2)
Dorothy Wang (season 2)
Series overview
Season Episodes Originally released
1 8 January 15, 2021
2 8 May 13, 2022
3 10 October 5, 2022
Season 1 (2021)
overall No. in
season Title Original release date
1 1 “Necklacegate 90210” January 15, 2021
2 2 “Tale of Two Trusts” January 15, 2021
3 3 “What’s in Anna’s Shower?” January 15, 2021
4 4 “Beverly Hills Heartbreak” January 15, 2021
5 5 “Private Lies” January 15, 2021
6 6 “The Other Side” January 15, 2021
7 7 “Kevin and Kane Take Charleston” January 15, 2021
8 8 “Will You Marry Me?” January 15, 2021
Season 2 (2022)
overall No. in
season Title Original release date
9 1 “Diamonds And Deception” May 13, 2022
10 2 “Rumor Has It” May 13, 2022
11 3 “Adieu ma Chérie” May 13, 2022
12 4 “No Friend Zone” May 13, 2022
13 5 “From Glowup to Blowup” May 13, 2022
14 6 “Royalty Over Loyalty” May 13, 2022
15 7 “The Truth Hurts” May 13, 2022
16 8 “Battle Royale” May 13, 2022
Season 3 (2022)
overall No. in
season Title Original release date
17 1 “Blast From the Past” October 5, 2022
18 2 “Gossip Guy” October 5, 2022
19 3 “Envy, Intrigue, and Escapes” October 5, 2022
20 4 “Making Up in Malibu” October 5, 2022
21 5 “There’s Something About Janice” October 5, 2022
22 6 “Achy Reiki Heart” October 5, 2022
23 7 “Crash and Burn” October 5, 2022
24 8 “The Truth About Kim” October 5, 2022
25 9 “Kevin in Paris” October 5, 2022
26 10 “The One That Got Away” October 5, 2022