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Josh Giddey High and Weight



Josh Giddey, the Australian basketball star who at the moment performs guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, stands at a tremendous prime of 6 toes 8 inches (2.03 meters).

This over-typical stature has been a big ingredient in his outcomes on the courtroom, making it attainable for him to excel in numerous options of the match.

Giddey’s peak gives him with a pure acquire in rebounding, enabling him to appropriately safe missed images and convert them into 2nd-probability scoring prospects.

His peak additionally supplies him a definite see of the courtroom, letting him to make superior decisions as a playmaker and facilitate scoring alternate options for his teammates.

Josh Giddey
Josh Giddey

Additional than rebounding and playmaking, Giddey’s peak additionally contributes to his defensive prowess. His prolonged wingspan will enable him to successfully disrupt passing lanes and make it tough for opponents to ranking close to the basket.

Moreover, his peak gives him the leverage to contest footage efficiently, making him a helpful asset on the defensive end of the courtroom docket.

Josh Giddey’s peak is a important ingredient of his over-all recreation, offering him with a mess of advantages on the 2 offense and protection.

As he continues to determine and refine his methods, his peak will unquestionably keep an vital ingredient in his accomplishment as a skilled basketball participant.