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Jeremiah Green Cause Of Death, Parents, Wife, Children




Jeremiah Green Cause Of Death, Parents, Wife, Children: Jeremiah Green, officially known as Jeremiah Martin-Green was an American musician born on March 4, 1977.

He was best known as a founding member and drummer of the indie rock band Modest Mouse from 1993 to March 2003. Jeremiah Green started his career at an early age and was consistent throughout.

After exiting the band, he later disclosed that he suffered a nervous breakdown and was briefly admitted to a psychiatric hospital. This comes after he had earlier been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

After walking away from the indie rock band Modest Mouse in March 2003, he joined them again from May 2004 until his death in December 2022.

The band in a tribute via social media wrote; “I don’t know a way to ease into this: Today we lost our dear friend, Jeremiah, He laid down to rest and simply faded out.”

“I’d like to say a bunch of pretty words right now, but it just isn’t the time. These will come later and from many people. Please appreciate the love you give, get, have given, and will get. Above all, Jeremiah was about love. We love you.”

Jeremiah Green Cause Of Death

Jeremiah Green died on Saturday, December 31, 2022, a few days after his cancer diagnosis was publicly announced. He was battling stage IV cancer and died at the age of 45 due to cancer complications.

Jeremiah Green Age

Jeremiah Green was born on March 4, 1977, in O‘ahu, Hawaii, United States. He celebrated his age 45 birthday on Friday, March 4, 2022, before he died in December of the same year.

Jeremiah Green Parents

Jeremiah Green parents gave birth to him in O‘ahu, Hawaii, United States. His mother is called Carol Namatame but that of his father is not known. His father was an alcoholic and often abused him. He later apologized and reconciled with his son.

Jeremiah Green Wife

Jeremiah Green is survived by his wife Lauren Green. She owned the store Thuja in downtown Port Townsend,

Jeremiah Green Children

Jeremiah Green has a son known as Wilder Green. He was born in 2016.

Jeremiah Green Siblings

Jeremiah Green grew up with his brother Adam Green.

Jeremiah Green Net Worth

As of November 2022, Jeremiah Green had an estimated net worth of $35 million.