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James Vail Murder: How Did He Die? Who Killed Him?




The documentary “I Am a Stalker: Pattern of Behavior,” which can be found on Netflix, delves deeply into the ways in which one hopeless, desperate man can be responsible for the destruction of numerous lives. As a result, we are given a genuine understanding of the sinister side of human nature. After all, it meticulously illustrates the awful murder that occurred in the summer of 2010 to James Raymond Vail, who was the victim of what was basically a simple kind of harassment, but which gradually escalated into unrestrained violence. If you are interested in learning more about the same, with a specific focus on everything that occured, the culprit, as well as the complicated aftermath of it, then we have the relevant facts for you here at our website.

How Did James Vail Die?
At the age of 27, when his life was taken away in the blink of an eye, James was not only a bubbly, kind, and loving man, but he also appeared to be a dedicated parent. According to all accounts, James’s life was full of vitality and warmth. In addition to having a close relationship with his family, he was also an active member of the community in which he grew up in Cass County, Missouri. This is yet another reason why the news of his unexpected death rocked everyone to their very core. The fact that it was unanticipated, senseless, and completely violent in every meaning of the terms was documented in the production through the accounts of individuals who were close to the matter. These are the key reasons why it occurred.


James was found laying bloodied on the bed shortly after local authorities responded to an emergency call in St. Clair County on August 2, 2010, alleging a house invasion that turned violent. The call concerned a home invasion that had turned violent. He had been stabbed in the chest while he was sleeping alongside an unknown lover at her apartment, and unfortunately, there was no way that he could be saved. She had been understandably frantic when she arrived on the scene. The young father had actually lost a lot of blood because the puncture wound was quite deep, which made it clear that this was a crime of targeted passion rather than a random break-in gone wrong. In addition, the fact that the wound was quite deep made it clear that the young father had been targeted.

Who Killed James Vail?
It was easily determined that the person who murdered James was none other than her former boyfriend, the convicted stalker Daniel Thompson, according to the evidence that had been left behind, as well as the statements made by James’ partner to the police. According to the episode that was available on Netflix, she had become acquainted with the latter on the internet approximately three months prior to starting a relationship with him, only for things to quickly become out of control due to his behaviour. The new woman who is dating James informed the police that Daniel not only had a temper and was controlling, but that he had also been contacting and threatening her ever since she made the decision to end her relationship with Daniel for permanently.

According to the original, it is very important to keep in mind that the local authorities had already been summoned down to the unidentified woman’s house twice or three times because of Daniel prior to August, but nothing was done about it. The most troubling aspect is that despite having a lengthy criminal past that included instances of stalking and harassment, as well as brandishing a knife in an effort to terrify his prior partners, nobody believed that he was still a threat. This is precisely the reason why James’ mother and Daniel’s ex-wife/first victim Angelyn both angrily argued in the production that this murder might have been stopped if there was a good system in place. They were both victims.

When it comes to Daniel’s motivation, he has stated that he did it out of vengeance, and that his target was only his ex-girlfriend. “We were in a relationship, and she lied to me multiple times while we were together. He stated this sentiment in the book ‘I Am a Stalker,’ “I don’t want to be lied to.” “I had no idea that this guy, James, was going to be there. I had no idea. I wasn’t even familiar with his name at that point. I was unaware that the two of them were seeing each other. Even his name was a complete mystery to me. However, when I walked in, he was just standing there… [When this happens], that surge just starts flowing, and you feel it, and it’s just like, ‘To hell with it’… Because it was completely dark inside, I was unable to accurately measure the distance between us, and as a result, I shot him instead.

As a result, Daniel was immediately arrested for the murder of James, and his ex-girlfriend actually did play a significant role, as she had observed and endured the entire event and could testify against him. In October of 2011, he was put on trial for the same offence, which resulted in him being convicted of a single count of murder in the second degree and receiving a sentence of life in prison for the crime (in Missouri, life means 30 years).