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Is Paystack Co-founder Ezra Olubi Gay or Straight?



Is Paystack Co-founder Ezra Olubi Gay or Straight2

Ezra Olubi is the co-founder of the fintech organization, PayStack. He is renowned for his hippie lifestyle, especially his effeminate style of expression.

A graduate of Babcock University, Ezra Olubi, 34, once again raised eyebrows when he stepped out wearing female cosmetics for a wedding ceremony a couple of days ago.

His controversial dressing once again turned heads as Nigerians have continued to question his sexuality.

Although, Olubi has reiterated on numerous occasions that he is heterosexual; his disposition has continued to depict otherwise.

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In a tweet made on June 4th 2020, Ezra said he is an effeminate straight guy.

“As an effeminate straight guy who has interacted with a number of gay Nigerian men, I can tell you that you’re simply parroting homophobia.”

He added: “All men (regardless of orientation) are on this table but you just happen to have normalized straight harassment that you don’t see it.”