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Is Meghan Ory Pregnant With Third Child? Actress Revealed Pregnancy While Filming Chesapeake Shores



In 2022, rumors about Meghan Ory’s pregnancy began to circulate online with the debut of Chesapeake Shores season 6.

Canadian actress Meghan Ory is best known for playing Red Riding Hood in the popular ABC fantasy series “Once Upon a Time.” Her current role as the lead in the Hallmark drama “Chesapeake Shores” is well-known.

In the family drama, she did a fantastic job playing Abby O’Brien. The actress shared additional details while filming as the anticipation for the upcoming season spread online.

Among her supporters, the Hallmark current star quickly gained popularity. Find out more about the details she shared while filming Chesapeake Shores season 6.

In 2022, will Meghan Ory give birth to her third child?

While filming Chesapeake Shores, Meghan Ory made her pregnancy known. On July 2, 2022, she revealed the difficulty she encountered during season 6 in her Instagram posts.

Does that imply that the actress is expecting her third child? Her supporters have begun praising her and expressing their joy at the wonderful news. Some have also praised her for her courage.

According to the People, the actress was expecting her second child while season 6 of Chesapeake Shores was being filmed. During the shoot, Meghan said that she experienced hyperemesis gravidarum.

A 39-year-old actress had a disease that made it difficult for her to consume food or liquids, which led to weight loss and negatively impacted the pregnant woman’s health with nausea and vomiting.

In either case, the actress appears to have handled the circumstance the best. The actress also uploaded a photo to Instagram on May 2 with the hashtags “onset” and “acting like I’m not about to puke.”

Before she announced her pregnancy, some of her fans expressed scepticism in the comments.

During Chesapeake Shores, Meghan Ory’s pregnancy was revealed
During the Chesapeake Shores production, Meghan Ory made her pregnancy known. With the start of season 6, she has reached out to her audience by revealing the problems she faces on stage.

She remarked, “After six seasons, #chesapeakeshores is officially over. Using the hashtags #hyperemesisgravidarum and #covid-, I began this season.”

“It’s been a really long run! I want to express my gratitude to our incredible cast and crew for being so understanding with me while I tried not to slobber on anyone.”

Thank you to my wonderful husband, @johnny reardon_, for keeping things together and serving as my rock, as well as to our two, yes, two nannies, for all of their assistance.

Introducing Meghan Ory’s Husband And Her Two Kids
John Reardon, Meghan Ory’s longtime husband, is her husband. The pair were married in 2008 and have been together ever since.

There are currently two kids in the family. In May 2019, Meghan gave birth to her first child, a son. Later that year, in October, the pair welcomed a daughter.

Her daughter will turn three years old on her approaching birthday, while her son is presently four years old.