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Is Matt Preston vegan?




Matt Preston is an English-Australian food critic, writer, and television presenter. Matt Preston is famous for his role as a judge on Network Ten’s MasterChef Australia between 2009 and 2019.

Matt Preston is also known for his weekly national food column that appears in NewsCorp’s metro newspapers, with a combined reach of over 2.9 million Australians each week.

Matt Preston was born on 21st July 1961 in London, United Kingdom. He is an alumnus of Worth School and the University of Kent.

Matt Preston had a history of being a DJ and a Punk Rock musician. He holds Australian and British nationality. Matt Preston stands at a height of 1.92m and weighs 60kg.

Is Matt Preston vegan?

Matt Preston has tried preparing Vegan dishes before. He once shared on his Instagram page, He shared a snap of a tasty vegan pear salad he tried.

His caption read:

‘Spent the weekend with my vegan and my carb-free friend and I fear I might have been indoctrinated,’ Matt’s post began.

‘This is what I made for lunch – raw, undressed cabbage, celery, and iceberg for crunch with lemon and soy quickled (sicta) pear slices and a vegan tartare of avocado with Korean gochujang and ssamjang for a flavor punch.

‘No sugar, no oil, no dressing, no bacon, no cheese, and yet I still really liked it. Weird! #helpme #undertheinfluence #brainwashed #iqs #vegan #deprogramming.’