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Is Davido The Reason Burna Boy Won’t Be Dropping Any Album Anytime Soon?



Davido and Burna Boy

In the past couple of years, Burna Boy has gone for the big leagues, but how can he survive relegation?

In the weeks and months to come, Burna Boy‘s status, influence, reach, and even talent will continue to be in question, by fans and critics alike.


Will the “Ye” singer fold in the face of disparagement and a rather unfair deprecation? That remains to be seen.

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The game is simple. Everyone has gone through this phase. Wizkid has. In 2017, Nigerian fans hated Wizkid more than anything. They didn’t like his sound; it wasn’t Nigerian enough. So they bashed him everywhere, from Twitter to Facebook to the bloody barbershops that won’t play his music anymore.

What separates Wizkid from your average guy is that he came out of that rough patch shining like a diamond. But not a lot of people are Wizkid.

So What Happened To Burna Boy?

He fell off. Plain and simple.

Apparently, a long-anticipated and highly celebrated Grammy win doesn’t really go a long way in ensuring that you stay relevant for a couple more years. Burna Boy peaked in 2019 and continued to soar up until the release of his phenomenal “Twice As Tall” album last summer. Then he plunged.

“Twice As Tall” might have won a Grammy, but that’s probably not the best Burna Boy could do, or could have done. That, obviously, didn’t sit well with so many listeners who thought that he did the album just to win a Grammy, and nothing else.

His follow-ups to the album weren’t all that impressive either. We’ve got a crash Kilometre that just didn’t meet the Burna standard and a not-so-good-either “Question” that featured Don Jazzy, for a reason only God knows.

Well, last weekend he posted that he won’t be dropping any new album “until further notice” in what looked like an apparent beef with an unknown opp. See screenshot below:

Why is Burna Boy Not Dropping Any Album Then?

Let’s see if we can figure this out.

Recall that not too long ago Davido posted on Snapchat what looked like a comeback warning. According to him, “opps choke, but we dey game.” That simply means, he’s seen the activities of his supposed rivals and they’ve been massive, but now he’s coming back and there’s gonna be a problem.

Everybody knows WizKid is the opp (opponent) here and based on the strides Wiz has been making since the beginning of the year, fans think that’s enough for even Burna to consider Wiz an opp.

The problem here is Wizkid is good friends with Burna. That makes the battle that’s coming an apparent Davido versus Burna Boy since Wizkid is on his own lane right now.

Burna Boy, who has dropped an album every year since 2019 had planned to do another album this year, but now that’s looking like it won’t happen.

The fan theory is that Burna is threatened by the re-emergence of Davido, who is one of the biggest artists on the continent right now. If Davido comes back and has a release that clashes with Burna’s at this time, Davido would most likely emerge victorious. We can’t have that now, can we?

If Burna steers clear of any potential Davido war by not dropping an album around the same time as the “Fall” singer, he’ll most likely be fine. Well, I think that’s a smart move!



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