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I See Worse Things Coming, Nigerians should Be Prepared – Primate Ayodele



Prophet and senior cleric of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos, Primate Elijah Ayodele, in this interview with KEHINDE OYETIMI, warns that harder times are ahead, saying that the present crop of leadership led by President Muhammadu Buhari would worsen the nation’s predicament.

You warned Côte d’Ivoire of the death of its prime minister. You also prophesied the victory of the president of Ghana, Nana Ado Akufo. You also prophesied that Patrice Talon of Benin Republic will change the constitution which would cause chaos. You also warned that the president of Congo Brazzaville should pray for his health. You prophesied that the present IGP of Nigeria, Baba Alkali Usman would emerge. You warned about protests against this government. This happened with the EndSARS protests and the protest against the president when he visited London. With all of these, any respite coming?

This government has brought hardship, sorrow and fear to Nigerians. God is angry with Buhari’s governments by allowing the rebels, bandits, armed robbers and terrorists to kill innocent people. Governors will not escape this. I see attacks on governors. If care is not taken, bandits, terrorists will assassinate a governor. Abuja will not be safe; schools will not be safe. Many things will happen before 2023. APC will not win in Anambra State except they rob people of their votes, they should forget it. The governorship is between PDP, YCP and APGA. Nigerians will revolt against this government if Buhari does not do the needful. The days of Shekau are speak numbered. I earlier said that Nigeria will seek foreign help in the area of insecurity; this has happened. Buhari does not understand what is going on. The cabal is holding his government. Everybody is afraid to say the truth. Some people are making money off this insecurity challenges.


Should our lawmakers be worried considering the various arguments against the president?

Ministers, lawmakers are going to be attacked. The police and the army will not be able to provide security for them. The National Assembly is not safe. Our representatives will begin to fight themselves. Palaces will not be safe. We need divine intervention; that is what God is saying to me. People who are behind Nigeria’s problems are in the [Presidential] Villa, security agencies, the clergy, traditional rulers and those who are advising the government.

Father Mbaka misled Nigerians into canvassing for Buhari. He also misled Imo people. Hope Uzodinma should resign. CBN, NNPC, Customs and the Stock Exchange should be careful; there are plots to attack them. The governors of the following states should be very cautious: Zamfara, Adamawa, Yobe, Borno and Benue. There will be economic hardship and difficulty even worse than we are experiencing now. The present state of insecurity has not got to its peak. Buhari should resign and hand over to the next person. Nigeria is at the verge of collapse. Only God can stop Nigeria’s disintegration. That is why I am calling for prayers in the month of June at Brother Iginla’s church where dignitaries will assemble in order to tackle this insecurity. We need prayers to avert further disasters.


The South-West once appeared peaceful but this is no longer so. What should we expect?

There are terrorists in Lagos; they can attack schools, bus stops, markets. Oyo, Osun and Ogun should be watchful. The Lagos State government should wake up now. Before the things begin to happen, let our leaders listen. What is happening in Imo State is just a tip of the iceberg. It will spread to other places. I warned Chad’s late president, Deby. Before the election in that country, I had warned the late president that there would be crisis in that country. Look at the people sitting in Nigeria’s National Assembly. They will also be attacked. There will be more attacks. The Hope Uzodinma issue is just the starting point. If the right things are not put in place, many of our political leaders will be attacked. Governor Uzodinma does not even know those who are attacking the state. The police do not know. They believe that it is the ESN. If care is not taken what is happening in Imo State will extend to other states. Nigeria will experience anarchy before 2023 if care is not taken. The 2023 elections may not come the way they want it.

The kidnapping in universities will continue. It is unfortunate that they allowed the deaths of these students. Buhari is not in charge of his government. He is harboring terrorists in his government. Unfortunately, people are not saying the truth. Nobody is ready to show the government that what is there is wrong. Isa Pantami ought to have resigned honorably as minister after he was found to be linked to terrorism. Look at what Shehu Garba is saying. He is a disgrace to journalism. He should have kept quiet. These are the people weakening Buhari’s government. This government will explode because the people working with Buhari are the people who will destroy his government.


Some are saying that perhaps a Bola Tinubu presidency will work. Do you share in this?

I don’t know what Bola Tinubu understands by 2023. We need a lot of prayers in the run-up to 2023. Those agitating for the presidency in 2023 don’t understand this. So many things will happen before 2023. Look at Imo State; when the wrong person is in a place, forces will fight. Forces are fighting the government of Imo State. This is just the beginning. It is time to listen to warnings from God. Nigeria is in a state of anarchy.

God is angry with Buhari. God will expose those who are problems to Buhari’s government. Our politicians don’t like to hear the truth. What is happening in Nigeria today is beyond the comprehension of many. I see troubles beyond 2023 except right things are done.


What about agitations for self-determination?

The government must not overlook the clamour for Odua Republic, or any other country coming out of Nigeria. Nowhere is safe now in Nigeria. There are politicians that will be killed before 2023. How can people be clamouring for 2023 when they have not sorted out the problem of Nigeria’s instability?

We should pray that churches are not attacked. Mosques are not safe. Many Islamic clerics are supporting these kidnappings. Pastors, like Mbaka who supported Buhari, should apologise to Nigerians. If the new service chiefs don’t take the right steps now, the country will go into total confusion. Those ruling on behalf of Buhari are the ones causing Nigeria’s insecurity.


We have moved from one worsening stage of recession to another? Will this persist?

Nigeria is on loan; it is going to go into total economic recession; some state governors will not be able to pay allowances. Many states are on bond. Only a few states can manage the situation. The minister of finance and CBN governor are just deceiving the country. I see measures of anarchy from now till the end of the year. Nigerian insecurity is man-made. Let us pray that any of the security helicopters will not crash. It is only mercenaries that will help us out. There is a lot of corruption in the Nigerian army. We are being deceived.


Many countries are yet to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Any respite in sight?

COVID-19 is not yet over. There is going to be another disease. We must wake up. We must use our democracy and independence days’ celebration to pray and fast. Buhari needs help of all clerics. It is unfortunate; Buhari is sick which is why the government is not working. Police brutality is imminent.


What about the political scene?

Except APC rigs, it cannot win in Anambra. YPP, PDP and APGA will be at the forefront. Saraki’s reconciliation move means well for PDP. If Buni-led committee does not do the right thing, APC will break before 2023. Muslim-Muslim ticket will not work in APC. They will crash if they try it. If Atiku comes out as PDP flag bearer, the party will go into oblivion. There is evidence of third force should APC and PDP not work on their individual reconciliation processes well. There will be anarchy in the parties ahead of 2023. A party will come out of PDP and another from APC to form an alliance.

Electoral amendment and constitutional amendment are imminent before 2023. There will be deaths of a senator and representative. There will be rancor against the senate president.

Fayemi must not look outside for who will replace him. If he looks outside, APC will lose Ekiti. The person who will be governor is around him; he should not look outside. There will be factions in Ekiti APC; it should not be allowed. PDP is about to lose Zamfara and Cross River. APC will not win Rivers State in 2023. That is Amaechi’s state. It will still go to PDP.


How about the international community?

Look at African leaders. I have warned many of them. Another African president will also die because God is angry. Cameroonian president should pray for his health but there will be crises in the country. In the coming election, the Chadian president will get it but there will be crisis in Chad. In Somalia, the president will attempt to carry out constitutional extension which will cause crisis and tension. I see another failed coup in Africa. But there will be another one that will succeed. Expect this between now and June next year. There will be political tension in Cote d’Ivoire; its president must pray for his health. We will witness another round of xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in South Africa.