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How Rich Is Ron Hanks? Colorado Senate Nominee Net Worth Details




Ron Hanks is running for the Senate in Colorado. In Colorado’s Republican Party primary for the U.S. Senate, he is running against Joe O’Dea, who has more money and more media attention.

Hanks is one of the well-known Republicans who is excited about the repeal of Roe v. Wade. He says that it will give the unborn a chance to breathe.

He is a member of the Colorado House of Representatives and works to help the country. He took the oath of office in 2021 and has been serving since then.

Hanks is the person who speaks for District 60 in the Colorado House of Representatives. He started his job on January 13, 2021. The rest of his term will end on January 11, 2023.

How Rich Is Ron Hanks? Colorado Senate Nominee Net Worth?

Unfortunately, Ron Hanks hasn’t talked about his money in public, but TV Guide Time says that he’s worth $4 million.

Ron works as a social worker in Colorado and makes $40,242 a year. He also owns a house in Canon City, Colorado, and the corporate database company The Western Surveyor.

He ran for Congress in northern California but lost. Eventually, he was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives, which was the start of his career in politics.

He has been called out for making jokes about lynching, calling the election a sham after Biden beat Trump in 2020, and even threatening Hugh McKean, the minority leader of the Colorado House of Representatives and a fellow Republican.

His most serious crime may have been his part in the attack on the US Capitol, when he tried to explain the violence with a conspiracy theory.

He was adamant that nuclear and national security issues should come first, but later, other sources showed that he was wrong.

How Old is Ron Hanks?
Ron Hanks’ age is unknown because no one knows when he was born. But he seems to be in his 50s based on how he looks and acts.

Hanks was born and raised in Canton City, where he also worked as an Air Force officer for thirty years. He is now a member of the Colorado House of Representatives.

Even though he started out in politics, he is still in the reserve and has worked as a linguist, a drug officer, and a counterintelligence officer.

Ron is also a retired combat veteran who served in the US Air Force for almost 32 years (USAF). He agrees with the Second Amendment and is the head of a heavy civil construction company in Denver. His company has done work for Mile High Station and Ironworks.

He thought about running for office to break the cycle of partisanship and help rebuild his country because he couldn’t find anyone who shared his ideas.

Hanks was a key player in the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. He said that “people had already entered the building” by the time he got to where they were supposed to meet.

Who Is The Wife Of Ron Hanks?
Ron Hanks, an American Republican politician, hasn’t talked about his wife or kids yet. On Father’s Day, he showed his wife, son, and daughter a picture of himself with them. But we don’t know anything else about his wife and children.

Still, he is very clear about what he thinks about political issues like abortion and gun violence. When he ran for Congress in California in 2010, he took a political courage test that showed what he thought about the issue.

He said on the poll that he is pro-life because no one, not even the mother, should be able to decide when a person is born. In fact, he argued for law-abiding citizens to have guns and even backed the entry of legal immigrants with papers.

Most importantly, he didn’t discriminate against LGBT+ people and didn’t mind if they joined the military. Because of this, it wasn’t a big surprise that he lost to Mike Thompson, a Democrat who got 63 percent of the vote.