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How Many Grandkids Does ‘Gold Rush’ Tony Beets Have & Who Are His Children?



Tony Beets, a renowned gold producer, was a grandfather to two grandchildren. His grandchild’s name is Eagan, and he also has a granddaughter.

In addition, his daughter Monica is the mother of his granddaughter. On the other hand, he is the parent of four children named Monica Beets, Bianca Beets, Kevin Beets, and Mike Beets.

In the Klondike region, Tony is a gold producer. From the Netherlands, he and his wife Minnie made the move to Canada, where he found work at Paradise Hill. The miner placed a big dredge on Clear Creek that had a worth of one million dollars.

Tony’s main source of income was the gold mining industry, and he even gained some money from appearing in the television series Gold Rush. The gold producer spent his childhood in Wildenses working alongside his parents on the family farm.

Later on, Tony’s family made the move to Dawson City in 1984. During that time, he was operating the machine in question. Recently, he arrived at the pick and established himself as a successful miner. Each member of his family contributes their time and effort to the family enterprise.

Some Quick Facts
Name Tony Beets
Mining Region Klondike
Occupation legendary gold producer
Mining Team Beets Crew
Mining Claim Paradise Hill
Nationality Dutch, Kingdom of the Netherlands
Wife Minnie Beets
Children Bianca Beets, Monica Beets, Kevin Beets, and Mike Beets
Grandchild 2 including Eagan
How Many Grandkids Does ‘Gold Rush’ Tony Beets Have?
As of right now, Tony Beets has two grandchildren. Eagan is the only grandchild that Bianca has given to her family, until Monica gave birth to a daughter in 2021. Tony remarked that his granddaughter will be the first in her family to operate a truck. Additionally, Bianca did not make an appearance in the gold mining industry.

Despite this, Tony hopes that his children and grandchildren will carry on the family mining company. The miner’s grandchildren were born during the Gold Rush, which was the time period in which he gained mining experience.

Following their debut on the show, Tony’s children were introduced to their future spouse. Work is where Monica first became acquainted with her future husband, Taylor Myles; the couple wed in 2018. As a direct consequence of this, fans guessed that Monica was expecting in the year 2021, and she later validated their assumptions. The couple had two dogs, and their names were Doyle and Wolfgang von Frankenstein.

Who Are Tony Beets’s Children?
Beets had four children Bianca Beets, Monica Beets, Kevin Beets, and Mike Beets. The couple suffered the tragic loss of their fifth child, Jasmine, in March 1993, when she was only three months old. Tiny got a tattoo of a jasmine blossom and incorporated the dates of his daughter’s birth and death into the design as a tribute to his late daughter.

Bianca Beets
Tony has one other child, but Bianca is his oldest daughter. Her son’s name was Eagan, and she had one. Since she was not interested in working in the family business, she did not leave much of a mark on Gold Rush.

Monica Beets
Tony is Monica’s father. Monica is their daughter. Both the Beets family and the Beets Crew count her as a member. Additionally, his daughter worked at the Paradise Hill Claim during this time. The fifth season of Gold Rush was when she turned 21. Her birth year was 1993, and she is currently 29 years old.

During the second season, Parker Schnabel developed a thing for Monica. In season 11, 2021, it has been established that Monica is carrying a child. Tony reported that they were planning to have a daughter. Within the same year, she became a mother to a little daughter.

Kevin Beets
Kevin is Tony’s kid. Tony is Kevin’s father. His age right now is 34 years old. Also, the year 1988 was the year he was born. He worked in the capacity of a mechanic. The shoe was featured in the fifth season when the mechanic was 26 years old. Currently, he is pitching in at the Paradise Hill claim alongside his sibling and the rest of his family.

Beets bacon Strip Machine 1 and Eureka Creek Claim were both places that Kevin worked. The auto mechanic graduated with a degree in mechanics from the University of New Brunswick in 2016.

Mike Beets
The younger of Tony’s two sons is named Mike. Since he was born in 1990, his age in this current year is 32 years old. Monica’s older brother is the recreationist. Monica is the younger sister. He was employed at the Paradise Hill Claim as well. In addition to this, he participates in the recreation of mediaeval activities.

During the fifth season of Gold Rush, he featured on the show as the night manager of Paradise Hill. In the following season, he played the role of a supervisor.

gold producer Tony Beets take his grandchild Eagan into the mining business
gold producer Tony Beets take his grandchild Eagan into the mining business

Tony Beets Family Member
Tony came from a loving and encouraging home. The Maverick mining lore was passed down through the generations by their parents, Kalus Beets and Magda Beets. Before the sixth season 10 years ago, his father committed suicide. When the miner’s father got injured and unable to work on the farm, the miner was only 15 years old.

Tony wed Minnie Beets when he was only 24 years old. At that same age, Minnie was 24 as well. The two were both teenagers when they first met each other in Holland. In addition, Tony moved his family into the house next door to Minnie’s in Burgwerd, Friesland. 1978 was the year that the couple first started dating, and 18 months later, Tony moved to Canada.

Because of this, Minnie ultimately decided to leave the Netherlands alongside him. During the fifth season, the pair celebrated their silver wedding anniversary. They had spent the previous six years residing in their winter house in Maricopa. Even they changed their name for season 6 and became the Canadian Snowbirds.

Who is Tony Beets?
The world is most familiar with gold miner Tony Beets from his appearances in the reality series “Gold Rush: Alaska” (2011-2018), as well as its spin-offs “Gold Rush: South America” (2013) and “Gold Rush: The Dirt” (2013-2016), which were all broadcast on the Discovery channel. Tony Beets was born in Wijdenes, the Netherlands, on December 15, 1959. He is the proprietor of Paradise Hills and the Tamarack Mine.

Early Life, Parents, and Education
Tony, who was born to English parents, spent his formative years in Burgwerd, a small town in the province of Friesland. Prior to a crippling occurrence rendering him incapable of carrying out his duties, Tony’s father managed the family farm. From an early age, he developed a natural leadership style, which he only fostered and maintained as an adult.

The beginning of a Gold Mining Career
He was a very successful farmer in the Netherlands, but he wasn’t confident that his future would be as prosperous, so he made the decision to emigrate to Canada in 1980. He established a dairy farm at a location he identified close to Salmon Arm. He learned of a new fad in Yukon, where miners could make over $1,000 per week, a matter of months later. He purchased a ticket to the Yukon city of Whitehorse, but it was too early for the gold mining season. Nevertheless, he confirmed the account and made the decision to travel back to Yukon once the gold mining season started. He acquired oil pipes for his gold mine job and sold dairy farm equipment he didn’t need.

Rise to Prominence
Tony, a natural leader, spent little time working for others; instead, in Dawson City in 1984, he established his own gold mining business and hired employees. The Tamarack Mines and eventually Paradise Hills were acquired by Tony sooner rather than later. In addition to many others, he has also included his family, about whom we shall talk later. Tony’s fortune increased as his firm prospered, and his popularity continued to rise. Tony’s mining company’s success caught the attention of the creators of the reality series “Gold Rush,” which has been airing on the Discovery Channel since 2010. Tony was then approached with an invitation to be on the show in its second season.

“Gold Rush”
The makers of Raw TV’s “Gold Rush” decided to follow gold mining operations in the Klondike, Yukon, Canada, for the second season of the show following the success of the first. Tony joined the cast of the award-winning reality series in its second season and has since appeared in more than 100 episodes. Tony has not only appeared in “Gold Rush,” but also in some of its spinoffs, like “Gold Rush: South America,” where he and a number of other cast members, who were also gold miners, travelled to Peru, Chile, and Guyana in quest of gold mines. In addition, he participated in “Gold Rush: The Dirt” from 2013 to 2016. As he gears up for the upcoming mining season, Tony has continued to operate his gold mines, Taramack and Paradise Hill. He is currently waiting for the upcoming season of “Gold Rush.” He’ll use a different mining method in the hopes of getting better outcomes.

gold producer Tony Beets three children worked in Paradise Hill

gold producer Tony Beets three children worked in Paradise Hill

Do You Know How Rich Successful Gold Miner, and Reality TV Star, Tony Beets Is?
Tony had a stable work in his native Netherlands, but he wanted more out of life. He moved to Canada and quickly opened his own firm, which proved to be a wise decision for his personal and professional development. because he is today regarded as one of the greatest gold miners. Have you ever wondered how wealthy Tony Beets is right now, in the middle of 2018? According to reliable sources, Beets’ net worth may be as high as $5 million, and his yearly earnings are reported to be $250,000.

Do You Know if Tony Beets is Married, Who His Wife is, His Children?
Tony was already married before he left Holland; his wife Minnie Beats was a neighbour there, and the two began dating when Minnie was 20 years old. The two later got married and are still going strong. Following him to Canada, Minnie worked at a number of jobs until joining her husband as a bookkeeper at his Paradise Hill mining operation. The couple now has four children—Monica, Mike, Bianca, and Kevin—all of whom are involved in the family business in some capacity. However, in 1992, the Beets family experienced tragedy when their little daughter Jasmine passed away.

Kevin Beets
Kevin Beets, a gold miner who oversees operations at Paradise Hill and was featured in the “Gold Rush” show alongside his father and other Beets family members, was born in 1988. Due to his prosperous work as a gold miner, he has amassed his own net worth, which is estimated to be $1 million as of mid-2018.

Monica Beets
Since she was 14 years old, Monica, who plays a significant role in the “Gold Rush” series, has been involved in her father’s business. Monica was born in 1993. Since her debut on television, she has won over many hearts and demonstrated her prowess in gold mining. She is currently employed with the Paradise Hill mine as a supervisor. As of the middle of 2018, Monica’s net worth was projected to be $10 million.

Mike Beets and Bianca Beets
Mike and Bianca have both contributed to the family business and are experienced in the field of gold mining. Although Mike appeared in more than 50 episodes of the well-known reality series, Bianca’s name has sadly been left out of the media.

Is Tony Beets on Social Media?
On social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, you can find Tony. He has a following base of more than 130,000 followers on his official Facebook page, with whom he has shared both information about his personal life and his most recent professional endeavours. Additionally, Tony has almost 50,000 followers on his official Twitter account. Many of his tweets, such the one announcing the start of the new season of “Gold Rush,” are about his work.

So, if you haven’t already become a fan of this prosperous gold miner, now is a great time to do so.

Tony Beets Body Measurements, Height and Weight
Tony has long hair and a beard; he is 5 feet 7 inches (1.73 metres) tall and weighs about 80 kilogrammes (176 lb). His eyes are blue, and he has grey hair.