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Emmanuel Lwasa Trending On Twitter, Here Is What Really Happened




Some of the internet videos that have gone viral have helped Emmanuel Lwasa’s business become more well-known.

Sources say that thousands of people have seen the video since it started to spread around the internet and was shared on all social media sites.

When the sensual, sad video went viral, people on the Internet began to make up stories about the man in it. In many social media posts, the name of Masaka city boss Emmanuel Lwasa came up.

The businessman Emmanuel Lwasa has spoken out about the recent video that went viral and showed a man kissing a woman.

Watch: Emmanuel Lwasa Trending Video Exposed On Reddit and Twitter

People are saying that businessman Emmanuel Lwasa can be seen in the sexually explicit film, which has become popular on all social media sites.

In a recent interview, business mogul Emmanuel Lwasa talked about the leaked footage and made it clear that he had nothing to do with it. The source said that the footage that was leaked has stirred things up on Twitter and other social media sites.

The fact that the video is posted under the name Emmanuel Lwasa makes it clear that it is getting a lot of attention. He has, however, made it clear that the leaked video has nothing to do with him.

The host of Radio Simba called Lwasa and asked him to say what he thought about the situation and what he thought about the video in the end. Emmanuel Lwasa said that he knows nothing about what the video is about.

He also said that people who make up stories about me to hurt my reputation should keep doing it if they think it will help end the economic crisis.

Emmanuel Lwasa Wikipedia
Emmanuel Lwasa is a Ugandan businessman and socialite. He owns Lwasa Gardens and Tavern Kick, which are on a 140-foot-long piece of land in Masaka City.

He works closely with his sister Rose Namanda and older son Edgar Mulindwa on all of his business projects. In 2018, Lwasa worked with the Buddu football team and gave them money because they had done a great job.

Since 1995, Lwasa has been a trader of minerals, and he is now the director of Lwasa Traders Uganda Limited. He worked at Trans Equator Miners Company before starting Lwasa Traders ltd.

Lwasa got a certificate in car engineering from both Kireka Central Workshop and Nakulabye High School. Then he went to the Gemological Institute of America in New York.

He worked as a gemologist from 1996 to 2006, and he had experience with both diamonds and gold. At the age of 13, he joined the NRA, which was a rebel group at the time. In 1985, the NRA changed its name to the NRM. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was in charge of this group, where he learned a lot about how to fight.

Lwasa says that even though he prefers to work on his own, he has made a big difference to the government of Uganda.

Emmanuel Lwasa Married Life
Emmanuel and Faith Lwasa are married, and they have four children together. He already has 18 kids, including his own and the kids from other women. He wants to have thirty kids.

In March 2021, Lwasa married Angel Kawunda in a colorful ceremony in the Nakasongola District. At the ceremony, Lwasa gave his wife many gifts, including a brand-new Toyota Mark X and an apartment.

After he broke up with his longtime girlfriend, BBS Terefiyina host Diana Nabatanzi, in a fight, Emmanuel Lwasa married Angel. He said that she wouldn’t get pregnant or make their relationship official, even though he gave her a lot of gifts, like cars, businesses, and a luxurious lifestyle.

He is said to have dated a number of TV stars, celebrities, and socialites, such as the TV personality Precious Remmie and the well-known Ugandan musician Desire Luzinda.

He said that the reported video was a photo that had been edited to hurt his reputation.