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Designing Christmas Cast And Crew – Where Was The Discovery+ Movie Filmed?




In the upcoming love drama Designing Christmas, Jessica Szohr, Marco Grazzini, and Mykee Selkin act as the three leads.

Stella, played by Jessica Szohr, and Pablo, played by Antonio Banderas, are the protagonists of this romantic drama (Marco Grazzini). Stella was Pablo’s co-host for the house remodelling show for a total of six years throughout their time working together. The couple began to collaborate more closely on projects, which led to the beginning of issues.

Designing Christmas Cast And Crew
Jessica Szohr and Marco Grazzini play the leading roles in the film Designing Christmas. Mykee Selkin, Leighton Williams, Fiona Highet, Eugene Clark, Nicole Power, and a few others are among the cast members that play supporting roles.

Six years had passed since Jessica and Marco began their employment on the home improvement show “Home Sweet Home.” The couple’s contrasting roles provided the audience with humorous entertainment.

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In the movie “Designing Christmas,” Jessica Szohr stars as the main character, Stella. She shared the role of co-host on the home improvement show with Pablo for a total of six years. After working together, they begin to develop feelings for one another, which may put everything at risk.

Szhor, an actress who was born in Menomonee Falls, also contributes to the post-production work on the movie All-Star Weekand. In the television show ‘The Orville,’ she played the role of Lt. Talla Keyali. Additionally, the actress had a role in the 2021 Christmas comedy film titled “The Best Worst Christmas Ever.”

Szhor is an actress of Hungarian descent who is known for her roles in films such as “Piranha 3D,” “Two Night Stand,” “Tower Heist,” and “Fired Up!” The television show My Wife and Kids was where the actor made her first appearance. She played Dee-Jay in the episode “Not So Hostile Takeover.”

Pablo, the male protagonist of the film Designing Christmas, was portrayed by Grazzini. He is a co-host of the home improvement show that airs on television. After spending a lengthy year working with Stella, the character developed feelings for her during that time.

The Canadian actor’s past roles in seasonal films include “Christmas Forgiveness” as Mateo Verdosa and “Christmas Unwrapped” as Eric Gallaher. Both of these films were produced in the 1990s. In addition, the actor is recognised for their roles in the films Virgin River, Kim’s Convenience, Christmas Unwrapped, and The Flash.

Grazzini appeared in the most current season of the television series Polly Pocket as Mateo in the episode titled “Guactober Fest.” Additionally, during the years 2020 and 2022, he appeared in Virgin River under the alias Mike Valenzuela. In 2006, the actor made his first appearance in the film Suicide as Militant, which was a short film.

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Mykee Selkin
In the Christmas special Designing Christmas, Mykee Slekin played the role of Jack. Prior to this, he had previously worked as Devon in the Christmas-themed films A Candlelit Christmas and A Chance for Christmas.

The Twenties, A Candlelit Christmas, and House are among of Selkin’s most well-known works. In 2006, the Canadian actor made his debut on television in the role of Club Patron on the show All My Children.

He was a member of the cast of the short film Peace Be Still. Cooking up Love, Twenties, Alpha Hippie, Cleansed, Three Wishes, Waste Paper, Everbody Does It, Sleepy Hollow, Born Again Virgin, Bainsh’d, and more were among the films in which he made his debut.

In the movie “Designing Christmas,” Farr played the character of Freddy. Prior to this, she had a role in the film Tough Love from 2021, which also starred Hilary Farr. The 1980s were a busy decade for the actress throughout her time spent working in the film industry.

Her return to the acting world was marked by a role in the television series We Got It Made, which aired in 1984. The film Designing Christmas was her second project after making her debut again. The Rocky Horror Picture Show, layout for 5 Models, and City on Fire are among the films from the 1970s in which the actress appeared.

Other members of the cast and crew of Designing Christmas are as follows:

Nicole Power
Eugene Clark
Fiona Highet
Dave Rose as Engineer 1
Andrea Pavlovic as Receptionist
Douglas Kidd as Engineer 2
Leighton Alexander Williams as Gabe
Sean Cage as Andy
Isabella Shibuta as Riva
Leighton Williams
Eadie Murphy as Mary
Designing Christmas producers are Suzanne Berger, Shane Boucher, Rachel Bulatovich, Caitlin Delaney, Ryan Grieg, Larry Grimaldi, Jane Latman, Lauren MachKinaly, Ian Malone, Hannah Pillemer, Sheri Singer, Fernando Szew, Franando Szew, Franesca Visconti, Danielle von Zerneck and Arnie Zipursky.

Steph Copeland and Peter Benison are two other crew members that provide support. In addition to Gloria Tong and Larissa Mair, other cast members include Joey Gunn, Jennifer Stroud, Anna Della Zazzera, Larissa McKay, Brooklin Watson, Shawna Steele, and Dan Gallant.

Designing Christmas Director Pat Mills and Writer Michael J Murray
The show that is called Designing Christmas is directed by Pat Mills. He had just finished filming for the Jackie Shane Heritage Minute miniseries on television. In addition to Guidance, Don’t Talk to Irene, and The Christmas Setup are some of the director’s most well-known works.

Mills has appeared in a number of films as an actor, including You Can’t Do That on Television, Honey Bee, Working Moms, Don’t Talk to Irene, Secondary High, and The Affected Turtleneck Trio.

Designing Christmas was written by Murray, who is also the author. The writer had previous experience working on a number of Christmas films. Under the Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree Lane, Christmas 9 to 5, Christmas Around the Corner, The Tree that Saved Christmas, The Christmas Shepherd, and a number of other Christmas-themed films and television specials were all penned by him.

Most recently, Murray penned the screenplay for the movie Santa Bootcamp, which was directed by Melissa Joan Hart. In the year 2020, Murray and filmmaker Mills had collaborated on a project. Ben Lewis, Blake Lee, and Fran Drescher starred in the television movie titled “The Christmas Setup,” and Mills directed it, while Murray was the writer for the project.

In addition to Mills, Murray’s other collaborations include those with director Lisa Rose Snow, actor Steven R. Monroe, actor Craig Pryce, and actor David Winning. When looking at the writer’s body of work, it can be seen that he has written the majority of movies that are set around the holiday season, such as Desperately Seeking Santa, Finding John Christmas, and A Town Without Christmas.

The Discovery+ Movie Designing Christmas Had Filmed In Almonte, Ont
Filming for Designing Christmas took place in Almonte, Ontario, as well as in Ottawa, Ontario. During the holiday season, a number of relatively modest screens will take centre stage in eastern Ontario. It was stated that 15 different holiday movies were shot in Ottawa in 2022, and that these two months saw the premiere of six different sets on CTV Life.

In 2020, ten Christmas movies were filmed in Ottawa, and in 2021, the number increased to eleven. During the holiday season, the CTV Life Channel will stream episodes of shows that were filmed in Ottawa. Some of these shows are Hotel for the Holidays, One Delicious Christmas, and Reindeer Games Homecoming.

The filming of these movies took place in a variety of locations, including Mooney’s Bay Park and Beach, John Street North, Robert Simpson Park, Clarendon Lane, and others. Despite this, the majority of the filming for Designing Christmas took place in the Almonte and Ottawa areas.

The majority of Love At The Christmas Contest was shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the United States of America, and it was released on November 6, 2022.

Where And How To Watch Designing Christmas?
After it has been officially released, Designing Christmas will be available to stream on Discovery Plus. If viewers have a Roku device and subscribe to the Roku Channel on that device, they will be able to see the movie. The first screening of the movie will take place in the United States on November 11th, 2022.

Home and Garden Television (HGTV), MarVista Entertainment, and Neshama Entertainment are the three production companies that contributed to the creation of the film.

Designing Christmas starring Jessica Szohr & Marco Grazzini & Hilary Farr from HGTV

Designing Christmas starring Jessica Szohr & Marco Grazzini & Hilary Farr from HGTV

Some FAQs
Who is the ‘Designing Christmas’ cast?
Leading roles in the film Designing Christmas are played by Jessica Szohr and Marco Grazzini.

Where did Designing Christmas filmed?
The Canadian cities of Almonte and Ottawa served as locations for the filming of Designing Christmas.