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Demeatric Crenshaw – Everything You Need To Know About The Youngstown State Quarterback




Demeatric Crenshaw is an American professional football player who now plays the quarterback position for the Youngstown State Penguins.

In 2021, Crenshaw was honored as the best football team in the Missouri Valley Football Conference (MVFC). Since 2013, he was the first athlete representing the Penguins to win the honor. The athlete has been selected to the All-Newcomer Team for the MVFC.

He was the fourth Penguin in the franchise’s history to get the accolade. Martin Ruiz, Kamryn Keys, and Kurt Hess were the three other footballers. Keys won in 2008, and Hess and Ruiz won in 2010. (2013). Crenshaw started nine games for Youngstown while he was a freshman wearing a redshirt.

He completed 97 passes out of 156 attempts for 791 yards and six touchdowns, and he ran for 599 yards and seven touchdowns on 132 carries. His passing yardage was 791, and he scored six touchdowns. In MVFC contests, he had a completion percentage of 78.1% on 121 attempts for 598 yards and five touchdown passes. On the ground, he had 449 yards on 94 carries and scored four times.

Demeatric is a future athlete who enjoys engaging in conversation and collaborating with others. At the Rich Man Center in Youngstown, where he volunteers often, he assists disadvantaged children with their education. Keep reading if you want to acquire further knowledge regarding the youthful quarterback.

Quick Facts:
Full Name Demeatric D. Crenshaw
Born March 19
Profession Footballer
High School Pickerington High School Central
Current Team Youngstown State Penguins football
Height 1.85 m
Instagram @dcrenshaw_gto
Twitter @lilmeechie_king
Demeatric Crenshaw Wiki Bio
Young football player Demeatric Crenshaw hails from Pickerington in the state of Ohio in the United States. The athlete is a member of the football squad for Youngstown State University, where he plays the position of quarterback.

Crenshaw was rated as a three-star quarterback by and while he was attending Pickerington High School Central, where he was also a student. As a result of his outstanding performance, he was chosen for the first team of Division I All-Ohio as a senior.

In addition to this, Crenshaw was selected as the All-Metro Player of the Year by the Columbus Dispatch. In addition to the accomplishments he had in high school, he was named to the first team of All-Central District Division I and was awarded the title of Offensive Player of the Year by the OCC.

During the course of the season, he had a completion percentage of 74.3 on 124 of 167 pass attempts, throwing for 1,693 yards and scoring fourteen touchdowns while also running for 1,267 yards and scoring seventeen touchdowns. Because he was such a committed player, he worked tirelessly on enhancing his football abilities.

In his career, Crenshaw started 44 games for the Tigers and was responsible for 7,472 yards and 91 touchdowns, helping the Tigers to an incredible 39-5 record during those contests. The 2019 Division I State Championship Game will feature Pickerington Central as the victor after they defeated Elder by a score of 21-14.

During the game, Crenshaw had a completion percentage of 75%, throwing for 197 yards and scoring two touchdowns. On nineteen different carries, he was able to gain sixty-two yards. Pickerington Central finished the season with a record of 14-1 and was rated 20th overall in the final USA Today High School rankings.

Demeatric Crenshaw Age
Based on the way he looks and the way he presents himself, Youngstown State Penguins athlete Demeatric Crenshaw is most likely in his early 20s.

Crenshaw spent his childhood in Pickerington, Ohio, where he graduated from Pickerington High School Central and was honored as the All-Metro Player of the Year by the Columbus Dispatch. In addition to that, he won the Division I State Championship not once but twice while he was still in high school.

In the championship game that Crenshaw won in 2017, he set a record by scoring a record-breaking six running touchdowns. He finished the 2018 season with a respectable 11-3 record and advanced to the semifinals of the Division I state tournament. Jay Sharrett was his coach throughout the entire process.

Demeatric went on to pursue his education at Youngstown State University after graduating from high school. In the spring of 2021, when he was still a freshman at Missouri State, he participated in the spring finale game. Most recently, the athlete participated in the contest that the Penguins played versus North Dakota State.

As a result of Crenshaw’s poor performance in the first half of the game, the Penguins’ head coach, Doug Phillips, decided to make a substitution for the second half and gave the ball to Mitch Davidson. Crenshaw went on to win the game. At the halftime break, Youngstown was playing North Dakota State and losing by a score of 21-3.

Demeatrric, the more mobile of the two, had started all four of Youngstown’s games, but he had been performing inconsistently so far. He only completed 37 passes out of 76 attempts, which is a completion rate of 48.68 percent. He threw for 538 yards and five touchdowns.

In the game against Kentucky, Demeatric completed 7 of 20 passes for 20 yards. In the game against Duquesne, he completed 14 of 29 passes for 29 yards. Additionally, the athlete has been taken advantage of in each of Youngstown’s defeats.

Meet Demeatric Crenshaw Parents And Siblings
In Pickerington, Ohio, the quarterback Demeatric Crenshaw was welcomed into the world by his doting parents. Due to the fact that he is a somewhat private person, he has not disclosed any information regarding his family, including his parents and siblings.

He is currently enrolled at Youngstown State University as a student. Crenshaw contributed to YSU’s comeback and overtime triumph over UIW in his first start at the starting position. The athlete finished the game with a passing efficiency of 9 of 12 for 112 yards and a touchdown while rushing for 81 yards on 20 carries.

The athlete has 18 carries for 69 yards and a score for Michigan State. He plays for Michigan State. Crenshaw rushed for a total of 134 yards and scored two touchdowns while Western Illinois was his opponent. He gained those yards on 20 carries. His performance against UNI was the finest of the season, as he completed 25 of 37 throws for 198 yards and a touchdown.

The athlete finished the game against Missouri State with a victory after rushing for 195 yards on 22 carries and scoring a touchdown that covered 73 yards in the fourth quarter. The remarkable 195 yards were the most yards ever accumulated in a game by a quarterback in the school’s entire history.

After that, he finished the drive with 10 of 19 throws completed for 99 yards and two scores. Crenshaw ran the ball 18 times for a total of 60 yards and a score vs North Dakota. During the game, he completed 11 of 15 throws for 91 yards and two touchdowns while playing against Southern Illinois.

In addition, the football player faced off against the Salukis and ran the ball twelve times for a total of thirty yards. He had more than 18 opportunities across all five games. Additionally, he was one of the twenty-three contenders for the Jerry Rice Award, which is given to the nation’s best first-year player for an FCS school.

Demeatric Crenshaw Girlfriend -Relationship Timeline
Demeatric Crenshaw, a rising star in the industry, is likely not married and does not have any children of his own. The young athlete’s primary focus right now is on advancing his career in the professional football league.

There are no rumors that the athlete is involved in a romantic relationship with any of the women. He is working for a career in athletics and would rather keep his personal life private than bring attention to it. When it comes to his romantic relationships, he has not spoken a word about them.

However, he has been successful in winning the hearts of a great number of young females who have dreams of being the young star’s love interest. However, the football player has not yet found the woman who would become the love of his life. Fans are quite excited to meet the lucky girl and offer their congratulations to them in person.

Crenshaw has been honored with the Alumni Football Players Scholarship, which was endowed for the academic year 2022-23, in addition to his other achievements. He is looking forward to improving his football talents and contributing more to his squad in the games that are coming up in the near future.

Demeatric Crenshaw On Instagram
Demeatric Crenshaw, the quarterback for Youngstown State University, can be reached simply on Instagram with the username @dcrenshaw gto.

His involvement in the world of sports has enabled him to build an outstanding fan base, with over 3.9 thousand followers on the picture-sharing platform despite having only 31 posts to his name. The majority of his postings on Instagram are commentary on his career as a professional football player.

“Southside Columbus created” is what the bio section of Crenshaw’s Instagram account says. According to the athlete’s bio, it is also clear that the athlete has a soft spot in his heart for canines. He announced the discontinuation of his merchandise line in an Instagram post just lately. He provided specific information regarding the availability of his official products.

The football player enjoys spending quality time with his buddies and is not bashful about posting pictures of their good times on their various social media accounts. Additionally, he creates upbeat and humorous TikTok videos, which he then shares to his Instagram account.

During their games, he frequently publishes breathtaking photographs of himself and his teammates, as well as motivational videos of them working out. As an athlete, Demeatric makes sure to keep his body in top shape by sticking to a consistent schedule of good workouts and eating habits.

Crenshaw is also present on Twitter, using the handle @lilmeechie king as his account name. He has more than 4.8 thousand tweets, and he has more than 2.4 thousand followers on Twitter. In January of 2016, he signed up for the service, and since then, he has been rather active on the site.

Some FAQs
How old is Demeatric Crenshaw?
Judging by the way the athlete presents himself, it is likely that he is in his early 20s. His position on the football team, the Youngstown State Penguins, is that of quarterback.

How old is Demeatric Crenshaw?
YSU quarterback stands 6 feet (1.85 m) tall.

Is Demeatric Crenshaw active on Instagram?
Crenshaw can be found on Instagram under the handle @dcrenshaw gto. The athlete has earned over 3.9 thousand followers despite just having posted 31 times.