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Dave Matthews and Wife Jennifer Ashley Harper Live With Their Kids In Their Home In Seattle




Dave Matthews, singer-songwriter and guitarist for the band DMB, has been married to his wife Jennifer Ashley Harper for more than twenty years. Jennifer Ashley Harper is also a musician.

Matthews wed Ashley in the year 2000, after the two had been together for a total of eight years before the wedding. Matthews and Ashley currently make their home in a suburb of Seattle. On August 10, 2000, Jennifer and Dave exchanged their vows and became husband and wife. They had gone to the circuit court in Albemarle County the day before to apply for their marriage licence and had received it. The lives of Ashley and her family are filled with joy.

The Matthews family makes it a habit to take trips together and enjoy quality time together whenever they can. Despite the pandemic, Dave has continued to broadcast live from his residence thanks to the support of his family. Jennifer and Dave have been married for over twenty years at this point.

On the other hand, they are quite cautious about the details of their personal life. Ashley Harper is a significant player in the wine industry because he was the one who came up with the idea for one of their most successful wines, which is called the Dreaming Tree Rose.

Jennifer, Dave’s wife, has been an important factor in her husband’s success. Everything there is to know about Jennifer is going to be covered in this essay.

Dave Matthews Wife Is Jennifer Ashley Harper
Jennifer Ashley Harper, who is married to Dave Matthews, is a powerful and self-reliant woman.

A well-known philanthropist, Harper has contributed to a wide variety of charitable organisations over the years. Additionally, she is in charge of their Blenheim Vineyards. In 2019, the couple introduced their new wine, Dreaming Tree Wines, which is a rose of exceptionally high quality. They were acquainted while the businesswoman was a student at St. Stithians College.

She then attended Bastyr University, where she got a degree in naturopathy after completing her studies in holistic and natural medicine. The author, Ashley Harper, practises naturopathic medicine. Sadly, she hasn’t been very forthcoming with the information that she has regarding her practise.

Ashley’s age ranges from 40 to 45 years old right now, while her hubby is 55 years old right now. Despite the significant age gap between them, Ashley and Dave have a strong connection and a kind and supportive family.

However, in order for her to further her studies and realise her ambitions of becoming a doctor of natural medicine, she and her husband uprooted their lives and moved to Seattle. In addition to this, she has been influential in spreading the popularity of naturopathy, which is mostly due to the notoriety of her husband. In addition to being medical professionals, Ashley and her husband are also company proprietors.

Dreaming Tree Wines is the name of a second winery that Matthews and his wife own and operate. Jennifer and her husband, Dave, purchased a home in the Wallingford neighbourhood of Seattle in July of 2001. The home featured three bedrooms and two bathrooms. At the time, he purchased the home for a total of $360,000, and its current value is $1,046,200.

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Dave Matthews And Jennifer Ashley Harper Have Three Children
The Matthews family is comprised of Dave Matthews, Jennifer Ashley Harper, and their three children. Stella and Grace, their identical twin girls, were the couple’s first two children.

After being married for a year, they welcomed their first kid into the world. The birth of their identical twin daughters occurred in 2001, and both of them are now 21 years old. In 2007, they welcomed their only child, a son, who they named August.

Both members of the pair have little to no interest in using social media; for example, neither of them has an Instagram account, and they keep their private life to themselves.

Dave and his children are presently calling Seattle their home. The band DMB’s lead vocalist and guitarist had a sister whose life was taken by the person she was married to. Dave and his younger sister are currently taking care of Anne’s two children. Anne is the child’s mother.

Dave’s response to the question of what songs are the favourites of his wife and children was that his son enjoys listening to “Black and Blue Bird.” Dave also mentioned that his most recent albums are primarily focused on his family, particularly his children. In a nutshell, Matthews said that he is pleased of his children because they have a strong moral compass and are able to differentiate between right and bad.


Dave Matthews Bio
David John Matthews is a musician and singer-songwriter from the United States. His birthday is January 9, 1967. He is most recognised for his work with the Dave Matthews Band, in which he serves as lead vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist (DMB). Matthews spent his childhood moving around quite a bit, spending time primarily in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. He was born in Johannesburg. At the age of nine, Matthews picked up the acoustic guitar and began playing.

Matthews devoted the most of his time and energy, from 1991 to 2003, to songwriting and performing live with the Dave Matthews Band, which he founded in 1991 in Charlottesville, Virginia. In addition to that, he has done a number of solo performances and produced recordings for other artists. His band sold more tickets and made more money than any other group in North America between the years 2000 and 2010, making them the most successful act in the region. With the release of their sixth consecutive studio album, Away from the World in 2012, the band became the first and only band in history to have all of their albums debut at number one on the Billboard charts. With the release of Come Tomorrow in 2018, this record was extended to include seven albums that have all debuted at number one.

In addition to his work in the music industry, Matthews has also been in a number of films.

Additionally, he has won two Grammy Awards; the first was in 1997 for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group for the song “So Much to Say,” which the Dave Matthews Band performed; the second was in 2004 for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for the song “Gravedigger,” which he performed on his solo album.


Early life
His scientist father started working for IBM when he was young.

After spending a year in Cambridge, England, where they had relocated to in 1974, the Matthews family eventually settled back in New York, where his father passed away from lung disease in 1977. While Matthews was still living in New York at the time, his mother took him to see Pete Seeger sing at a concert, and this was the first time he had ever been to a concert. 1977 was the year that the family moved back to Johannesburg.

Matthews became a naturalised citizen of the United States in the year 1980.

In 1985, when Matthews graduated from high school at Damelin College, he was confronted with the possibility of being drafted into the South African military at a time when civil resistance to the process was becoming increasingly common. Matthews fled South Africa in order to avoid military service since he was a Quaker and, as a result, a pacifist.

Matthews relocated to New York in 1986, where he worked for IBM for a period of time,[9] then joined his mother the following year in Charlottesville, Virginia, a town in which Matthews’ family had lived before Matthews was born. Matthews went to New York in 1986. As soon as he moved to Charlottesville, he immersed himself in the city’s vibrant music scene. Even though Matthews began learning to play the guitar when he was nine years old, it wasn’t until he moved to Charlottesville that he began doing public performances. Matthews was introduced to local celebrity and potential future colleague Tim Reynolds through their common acquaintance, Nic Cappon. At some point in time, Reynolds invited Matthews to perform on stage with him, and he also convinced Matthews to record some of his own songs. This led to his first professional musical assignment, which was singing “Meaningful Love” at a modern dance performance given by the Miki Liszt Dance Company at the McGuffey Art Center in Charlottesville. The song was composed by John D’earth and Dawn Thompson. In 1991, he had the inspiration to start his very own band from scratch. Matthews worked as a bartender at Miller’s in Charlottesville before recording his first demo tape.

Formation of Dave Matthews Band
While Matthews was working as a bartender at Miller’s in the beginning of 1991, he penned his first few songs, which included “I’ll Back You Up,” “The Song That Jane Likes,” and “Recently.” He then went on to form Dave Matthews Band with LeRoi Moore, Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, Peter Griesar (who left the band in 1993), and Boyd Tinsley. Together, they released their first album. The band played its first gig at Trax Nightclub in Charlottesville, Virginia, on March 14, 1991, as part of a benefit for the Middle East Children’s Alliance.

In the beginning of 1994, Matthews’ older sister Anne, who had been living in South Africa at the time, was killed by her husband. The subsequent tragedy was that her spouse took his own life on or around January 27 of that year. Matthews’ attitude on life was profoundly altered as a result of the experience, and he made reference to it in a number of his songs. On January 29, 1994, he gave a performance with Tim Reynolds at the Wetlands in New York. During that show, he paid tribute to Anne by saying that the performance was “in her memory.” The song “Under the Table and Dreaming,” which was written and performed by Dave Matthews Band and released later the same year, is dedicated to her. The two children that Anne Matthews had were the only ones who survived her passing, and after her passing, they went to the United States. Dave and his younger sister Jane, after whom the song “The Song That Jane Likes” by Dave Matthews Band is named, took on the responsibility of raising the children.