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Chris Chester Net Worth After $15 Million Lawsuit Over Wife Sarah and Daughter Payton Photos




According to the most recent reports, Chris Chester, the co-plaintiff in Kobe Bryant’s photo trial, would receive USD 15 million in damages.

After an 11-day trial in Los Angeles on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, the federal jury returned a verdict. By violating the victim’s family’s privacy and creating emotional pain, they conclude that LA county handled the images improperly.

Bryant and his daughter Gigi died in a terrible helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. They were traveling in an S-76B helicopter when it crashed after descending at 2,000 feet per minute. Seven innocent people also perished on a Californian mountaintop.

Investigators examined the crash’s circumstances, including the pilot’s background, the weather, and the safety features of the helicopter, a year after the horrible tragedy. Bryant’s wife accused LA County of handling the crash images improperly as the trial hearing using the images got underway on August 10, 2022.

Chester has consistently stood up for Vanessa Bryant and her loved ones. He was an Orange County financial counselor who died in the disaster together with his wife and daughter. The co-plaintiff will now receive USD 15 million in damages after the court granted $31 million in compensation.

Chris Chester’s Net Worth After $15 Million Lawsuit
According to the BBC, Chris Chester, the co-plaintiff, will receive USD 15 million. Tragically, the accident claimed his wife and daughter.

The jury decided to award Chris $9 million from the LASD. The LAFD, however, must pay him $6 million. Similar to this, Vanessa receives $10 million from the LASD and an extra $6 million from the LAFD.

Chris admitted to the jury that he was worried that the public would see the dreadful images taken at the scene of the tragedy. He further asserted that the images had breached the privacy of his family and caused them great suffering.

Chris agreed to take part in Vanessa’s trial because he wanted to find out the truth. Chris has struggled with depression since the accident and has occasionally turned to alcohol. He was really concerned that the shocking photos were being airdropped by an unidentified person.

Chester has a thriving career as a financial advisor in Irvine. For the past 25 years, he has relied on consulting to support himself.

Chester is the managing director at Rimrock Capital Management, LLC, according to Bloomberg. According to the Smart Advisor Watch, his company has $4,008,781,404 in total assets.

According to the Indeed website, a reputable financial advisor may earn an average base pay of up to $198,232 year. In conclusion, if Chris Chester prevails in the lawsuit, his net worth might reach $USD 20 million.


Photos Of Chris Chester’s Wife Sarah and Daughter Payton
Chris Chester, his 46-year-old wife Sarah, and their 16-year-old daughter Payton resided in Orange County. Additionally, he has 18-year-old twin sons.

Payton attended St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, as determined by The Mixed Article. On the girls’ basketball team at Mamba Sports Academy, she competed with Kobe’s daughter. Sarah, Chester’s wife, also served on the St. Margaret’s Episcopal School’s board of trustees.

Their death notice stated: “The Chester family and the entire St. Margaret’s community are inconsolable over this loss. We are a neighborhood in deep sorrow. When the St. Margaret’s community rallies around one another during difficult times, it is when we are at our strongest.

Chester remembered his daughter playing basketball well. He further said that during the weekend of the plane crash, he and his wife Sarah decided to take Payton to her basketball game and Chester to his son’s lacrosse tournament.

Chris told Sarah to stay with Payton during the burial until they could reunite after he laid them to rest. He then shared some heartfelt recollections with his wife and children.

Chris Chester Net Worth: Vanessa Bryant Wins The Photos Trial As Jury Reaches Verdict
Damages in the amount of $31 million have been given to Vanessa Bryant and Chris Chester, who were both co-plaintiffs in the case regarding the leaking of graphic images of the helicopter crash in 2020 that resulted in the deaths of their wives.

The verdict was reached by the jury after ten days of testimony about how members of the sheriff’s and fire departments took pictures of human remains at the scene of the crash on January 26, 2020, which resulted in the deaths of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant. The crash occurred on the day that Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant were killed.

Chris Chester Net Worth After Vanessa Bryant’s Photo Trial In His Favor
Chris Chester is a father who was unfortunate enough to lose both his daughter and his wife in a helicopter accident. On August 18, the bereaved widower testified in court regarding the matter involving Vanessa Bryant.

He acknowledged to the jury that he was concerned about the general public witnessing the horrible photographs that were captured at the scene of the jet disaster “all the time, every day.” Chester is listed as a co-plaintiff in a federal civil lawsuit that is being launched by Vanessa Bryant, who is Kobe Bryant’s widow. According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, Los Angeles County, some of its agencies, and some of its employees violated the plaintiffs’ right to privacy, failed to adequately control the dissemination of the images, which caused the plaintiffs mental anguish, and were therefore liable for the plaintiffs’ damages.

According to the most recent information regarding the court case, a jury on Wednesday awarded Vanessa Bryant and Christopher Chester a total of $31 million in compensation as a result of Los Angeles County’s improper handling of images from the helicopter crash that resulted in the deaths of their respective spouses.

Because of this, Chris Chester’s net worth has climbed significantly. Because he is considered to be a member of Kobe Bryant’s tight-knit community, it is evident that he already possesses a high status in the community. They were on their way to a game when the tragedy struck; his daughter was a phenomenal basketball player, and they were on their way to watch her play.

The verdict awarded Chester a total sum of $15 million, with $7.5 million going toward probable future anguish and $1.5 million going for past suffering from the sheriff’s office. The fire department compensated Chester with $1 million for his previous suffering and $5 million for his anticipated future suffering.