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Catherine Paiz and Justin Bieber Relationship: Find Her Boyfriend History Here




Many people believed Catherine and Justin Bieber were dating at the time after seeing them together in 2014.

The YouTube dynamic pair behind the ACE Family channel includes Catherine Paiz as one half. Son Steel, daughters Elle and Alaa, ex-basketball player Austin McBroom, and Catherine Paiz make up the Ace Family.

The YouTube channel has more than 18.8 million followers since it launched in 2016. The ACE Family wouldn’t have achieved its current level of prosperity without Catherine’s participation. To find out more about her prior relationships, keep reading.

Quick Facts
Full Name Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz
Profession Model, YouTuber, and Social Media Personality
Birth Date 24 August 1990
Age 32 years old
Birth Place Montreal, Canada
Marital Status Married
Husband Austin McBroom
Years Active 2016-Present
Nationality Canadian
Zodiac Sign Virgo
College/University St. Louis University, Montreal, Canada
Kids 3 (Elle, Alaia and Stell McBroom)
Was Catherine Paiz In A Relationship With Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber spent time with Chantel Jeffries and Catherine Paiz, models, over the weekend in 2014. The three buddies took some very private selfies together. Chantel is pictured snuggling up to the attractive model while coyly looking up at the camera.

Catherine was lying next to him while he dozed off on his other side. The pop artist, who was positioned between the two alluring women, didn’t appear to care as he fixed his focus intently on the camera.

Chantel, Catherine’s best friend, and both of them were seen leaving his residence while dressed entirely in black.

Catherine and Justin were just now involved in any news. They haven’t seen each other since, indicating they weren’t dating.

Additionally, Selena Gomez and Justin were having a on and off relationship at the time of this occurrence. Fans had a hard time keeping up with Justin and Selena’s relationship’s numerous ups and downs during the past few years.

However, because Justin is happily married to Hailey Bieber, they are fully over each other. Selena is relishing her life as a single woman while concentrating on her job. Speaking about Catherine, she is engaged to Austin McBroom, a well-known Youtube personality.

Michael B. Jordan and Catherine Paiz’s relationship was never officially verified (or denied). But a year before she met Austin, Paiz was spotted with him in Miami.

During their summer vacation, which featured outings on jet skis and sunny beaches, the two battled for some solitude from the media. A short while afterwards, Austin and Catherine started dating.

Austin reported that after shaking her hand when they first met at a dinner party, she had been thinking about him ever since. But Catherine acknowledged that she was still working through some feelings from her prior relationships. Perhaps Michael B. sprang to mind.

Jordan was ignored by Catherine during the basketball game.

At a basketball game in 2021, Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz got to know Michael B. Jordan. Her supposed ex-boyfriend Jordan was seen being completely ignored, which infuriated people.

In a video that was shared on Twitter, Austin, Paiz, and Landon are shown hugging Drake as Michael B. Jordan is ignored by Austin as the other two pass by.

Many fans at the time supported Catherine Paiz and Michael B. Jordan’s relationship, and the movie allowed viewers to recall moments when they were seen together in public.

Many saw her sudden courtship with Austin McBroom, which followed her apparent separation with him, as a “downgrade.”

Austin was reminded of how his followers felt about him by the embarrassing video from the basketball game.

Right away, a lot of folks on Twitter expressed their opinions about the video. “Can’t believe she mishandled Michael and got with Austin,” one person commented. Similar comments were offered by others: “Right omg like the error she made.

Catherine Paiz Boyfriend History
Catherine Paiz & Michael B Jordan Relationship
Austin McBroom is a famous American actor who is three years younger than Catherina Paiz. The two have been friends for a long time. Austin and Catherine first met at a dinner gathering, when McBroom had a crush on Paiz. Paiz, however, did not feel the same way about the environment that Austin did.

Catherine reluctantly consented to go on a date with him, but Austin finally told her how he really felt. Paiz ignored Austin’s declaration of love since she didn’t think their relationship would last.

On YouTube, Catherine was asked how long she thought the relationship would last. She gave the following answer. Despite her best efforts to resist it, Paiz soon realized that she and Austin were meant to be together.

A year later, they launched The ACE Family YouTube channel. They started their YouTube channel immediately after Elle was born in 2016, naming it after the first letter of their three names. The pair got engaged a year after Elle was born.

The Ace Family Q&A, the family’s premiere video, was uploaded on July 27, 2016. The amusing prank and challenge films by Austin and Paiz immediately helped the channel gain popularity. Paiz admitted that the couple were taken aback by the channel’s swift proliferation.

In their debut YouTube video, Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom discussed The Ace Family’s future. Despite having an intuition that she would eventually have three children, based to a prediction made more than 10 years earlier, Catherine said that she would be happy with having two or three additional children.

Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom Relationship
Paiz came clean about her two-year covert marriage to Austin on January 3, 2020. The witnesses were Austin’s grandmother and Catherine’s brother; their parents were not present.

For numerous years, the couple had misled their fans into thinking they were still engaged. The pair admitted they were ready for a small ceremony but still wanted to get married. As a result, they chose this option.

Paiz also changed the last name on her Instagram handle from Paiz to McBroom. She claims that nothing was changed as a result of the revelation. If Paiz hadn’t forgotten the account’s password, she might have changed the name earlier.

They Are Parents To Three Beautiful Children
Elle Lively McBroom, their first child, was born on May 28, 2016. The second daughter of the ACE family was born two years later, on October 17, 2018, and her name is Alaia Marie McBroom.

On June 20, 2020, Catherine gave birth to the couple’s first son, Steel McBroom. Austin announced the good news on Instagram, and Catherine’s labor and birth were later shown on the family’s YouTube channel. Catherine and Austin were overjoyed that everything went well during birth.

As seen in a video from August of last year, the ACE family decided to put any further expansions on indefinite hold after adding their newest member in June.

In the video, Catherine stated that she did not currently have any urgent intentions to have another child in the next five years and that it was unlikely that she would choose to do so even beyond that.

However, on the advice of her physician, Paiz agreed to have an IUD (Intra-Uterine Device) inserted so that she would still have the option of getting pregnant in the future.

Because the patriarch of the ACE family was too young for a vasectomy, Paiz reports that her doctor also advised against Austin getting one.

Austin Was Filmed Yelling At Catherine In Front Of Their Children
On October 15, 2020, a vlog documenting Catherine’s “day in the life” was uploaded to The ACE Family’s channel. The opening of the tape had Austin yelling and swearing at Catherine for a brief length of time before the two of them and their daughters shot their cheerful video introduction.

Austin’s ranting portion of the video was eventually removed, but a concerned fan still recorded it and shared it on TikTok, where it had already received more than 2.4 million views at the time this video was published.

The ACE Family wouldn’t typically use a swear word in one of their family-friendly videos, and the dialogue is taut and contains it.

On Twitter, Catherine also commented in response to the video, saying that she and her husband have “frustrations” just like any other husband and wife would. It is a part of a marriage, she continued.

Just in the past year, Austin has received a lot of criticism from fans. In December 2019, after the McBroom family had relocated into a $10 million California home thanks to their YouTube earnings, he made the unfavorable comment. He suggested that fans should be required to pay to view ACE Family videos.

Did Austin McBroom Cheat On Catherine Paiz?
A well-known internet personality named Tana Mongeau is the first to claim that Austin has had an extramarital affair. She mentioned in a tweet that Austin’s wife Catherine had a few indiscretions with him.

Additionally, she posted a TikTok explaining the situation, which she later removed. Tana claims that Austin’s wife Catherine McBroom called her to ask if the lipstick she found in Austin’s car belonged to her.

Tana asserted that it was her duty to “save the kids.” She concluded her explanation by stating in a series of Tweets that the lipstick was not hers.

Austin didn’t opt to keep quiet. He labeled Tana the biggest clout chaser in response to her tweet and stated that the lipstick was in fact from Erika Costell and not another woman he had seen.

Erika Costell also confirmed this to be true. Additionally, she stated that it was a lip liner and not lipstick. She also made a joke and asked for it to be repeated. But after receiving some criticism, she described the situation in a TikTok video.

Tiktok Star Monica Bush Also Exposed Austin’s Cheating Allegations
Tana made a major claim of cheating, and it appeared like another TikToker was implicated. Austin allegedly informed Monica Bush that they just got together for photo ops and that they actually ate together.

Austin, according to her, had asked for her consent to send her some apparel from his collection. She answered “yes” with zeal. Then he extended an invitation for her to visit Los Angeles so he could give her the box.

Monica went to a motel to wait for him. Austin picked her up and drove her to a house in Malibu. She thought they would solely talk business. However, he then switched to Netflix.

She then continued the story in a later video. She offered to lie next to Austin and stated that he had a blanket wrapped over him. Later, she discovered that Austin frequently behaves in this manner. The TikTok celebrity also released a few iMessage screenshots.

These accusations came when Tana Mongeau said that Austin McBroom had hired her friends as masseuses and nannies in order to cheat on his wife. However, Tana is not the only one who asserts these things.

Fitness Model Noelle Levya Came Forward To Expose Austin
Noelle Leyva, an Instagram fitness model, made some astounding disclosures about Austin. On the Raw Talk podcast, she made disparaging remarks about Austin McBroom and the singer Jason Derulo.

Internet celebrity Austin McBroom is one of the celebrities who has been DMing the fitness model. However, not all names were made public.

Even these two names surprised the host and other visitors. Despite all the adultery allegations, Austin and Catherine are still going strong.

Catherine Responses To Cheating Allegations
Catherine McBroom did not remain silent when she learned about the accusations made against her husband. She stated in a video that she had long since stopped using social media in favor of spending time with her family.

She went on to claim that it bothers and stresses her out every time her family is involved in a scandal. As a result, she hung up the phone to escape the hostility.

Later, she voiced her concerns about Austin McBroom’s alleged cheating allegations spreading on Instagram. Catherine Paiz responded to messages from admirers asking if she was okay by stating that she wasn’t using her phone.

Many of her supporters took to Twitter to vent their rage since her explanation “made no sense.” Several claim that the former model received criticism for coming out as “defeated” and “in denial” after finding out about Austin McBroom’s adultery.

Some even questioned why she had not already ended the marriage given that the suspicions had been spread in the past.

What Is Catherine Paiz Real Name?
Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz is Catherine Paiz’s full name.

What Is Catherine Paiz Net Worth?
In 2022, Catherine Paiz’s net worth is anticipated to be $2 million.

Where Are Catherine Paiz Parents From?
Parents of Catherine Paiz are Canadian natives of Montreal.