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Best Betting Sites In Nigeria : Here Are The Top Ten



Best Betting Sites In Nigeria

Best Betting Sites In Nigeria : Here Are The Top Ten. Which one and which one are the best betting sites in Nigeria? That’s a question I get a lot from people so I decided to put down a list of betting sites in Nigeria (I mean the best).

Betting is one of the most popular types of gambling in Nigeria with hundreds of thousands of Nigerians especially of the male population placing stakes on the outcomes of sports games.

Due to the large market availability, there are quite a number of betting companies who have shifted their sights to the country.

While some of these companies struggle to maintain and acquire a good customer base, others are booming with patronage.

Best Betting Sites In Nigeria


In this article, we are going to list 10 best betting sites in Nigeria which are also the most popular betting sites in the country.



Bet9ja is one of the most popular and the best betting site in Nigeria and it is not just because of the “9ja” that’s added to its name.

Most users claim that they provide the best odds which increase the chances of winning big without taking too many chances.

Since its launch in 2013, it has risen above several other betting companies that once held a great hold of the gambling population.

You can register with Bet9ja


Nairabet is another betting site which is indigenous to Nigeria.

The site which was launched in 2009 has gained a massive customer base, however, it’s customer base can’t be compared with some betting sites who launched into the Nigerian market space some years later.


Just like Bet9ja, Merrybet has a ton of features which makes it stand out from other betting sites in Nigeria.

For one, it has an instant payment feature on its online site for members, which allows them to withdraw/transfer funds from the Merrybet account to their bank account in seconds.

Although it’s popularity has been dwindling in the last few years, it still stands as one of the best and most popular betting sites in the country.


Betking is one of the recently launched betting sites in Nigeria, however, they are one of the fasting growing due to their features which includes high odds and 100% welcome bonus for customers.

These features have seen them rise to the top and take their place as one of the best betting sites in Nigeria.


360bet is quite similar to Betking in terms of features as they both offer 100% bonus for new customers on their first deposit.

There are more similarities between them which make us believe they are using the same strategies to achieve maximum market penetration.

These strategies seem to be working as more customers continue to patronize the site.


Bet365 is another betting site with features similar to 360bet and Betking.

They claim to offer the highest odds in online sports betting, however, that is yet to be confirmed as most betting sites all make the same claim.

Bet365 is one of the best betting sites in Nigeria as it does not withhold payment and has a high trust score in the Nigerian gambling society.


Surebet247 is acclaimed to be one of the fastest paying companies in Nigeria.

They offer the same features like high odds and 100% bonus on the first deposit for new customers, which we have seen in other betting companies.

However, it is a great betting site to try out as it has a high trust score.


Betway is one of the few betting sites that are not indigenous to Nigeria but has been able to amass a large customer base since its launch.

A look through the homepage of the site and you will find them advertising features you can find in most betting sites in Nigeria.


Another great but less popular betting site in Nigeria is Accessbet.

Accessbet has been unable to gain much patronage compared to the betting sites we have listed above.

However, they offer a lot of betting options and different sports to bet on which makes them one of the best options to try out.


Closing my list of the best betting sites in Nigeria is one of the least popular but highly trusted betting sites in the country.

LovingBet just like AccessBet has not been able to penetrate the Nigerian market successfully, however, they are still patronized by many Nigerians due to their high trust score and reasonable features.

Some people have asked me which betting site is the best?

Here are the top 5 betting sites in Nigeria that I recommend:

1st Nairabet 10% deposit bonus on Mondays up to N50,000
2nd Bet9ja 100% bonus credit on first deposit
3rd Betking 100 percent bonus for first time depositors
4th Betway 50% bet up to NGN20,000 bonus

And the last one is Bet365Naija.

Best Betting Sites In Nigeria

Best Betting Sites In Nigeria

Best Betting Sites In Nigeria

This betting company is viewed as one of the most popular and profitable betting platforms in Africa. You enjoy a lot of bonuses with this company. Agents get 30%. If you are an operator, you will earn 40% every week.

I will stop this post on ‘best betting sites in Nigeria’ here.

Although picking the betting site with the highest odds sounds reasonable, it is important to research, check and make a comparison with other betting sites to ensure you are not investing in a sham.